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Downloading music without paying can be a very costly mistake

There may be a lack of universal understanding among people in Louisiana and elsewhere of the nuances of copyright infringement. Lawsuits and pre-suit settlements are occurring against the unwary or the reckless. People download software, music, movies and more, often without paying a charge or receiving permission from the owner. At times, they then generously share the music with others.

The practice seems so innocuous, certainly not like the internet fraud everyone hears about. However, the taking of this intellectual property may be illegal.

Criminal defense: 10 charged in Louisiana fraternity death

For many people in Louisiana, college is a time of learning and experimentation. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, it can mean experimentation with alcohol in large quantities. Police say that the recent death of a fraternity pledge was due to alcohol intoxication. Ten people are now likely considering their criminal defense after police say they played a role in the man's death.

The incident happened in September and involved an 18-year-old student. Reports indicate that initiates of Phi Delta Theta as well as members of the fraternity were playing a game dubbed "Bible Study." As part of the game, pledges were reportedly asked questions about the fraternity's history. If they answered a question incorrectly, they were reportedly told to drink.

Criminal defense: DEA agent in Louisiana arrested

There are police officers and federal agents stationed in Louisiana who dedicate their whole lives to protecting others. For agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration stationed in the state, this involves helping keep drugs off the street. Unfortunately, a DEA agent is now left preparing his own criminal defense following his recent arrest.

The man has worked for the DEA for approximately 17 years. He reportedly ran a task force involving several other officers of the law. Unfortunately, he was recently arrested, accused of stealing money and other property seized as part of drug investigations. Additionally, he is accused of perjury and accepting a $10,000 "gratuity" in exchange for a recommendation for a reduced sentence for a defendant.

Louisiana criminal defense: Man surrenders after wife's death

All couples in Louisiana have unique relationships. Some, especially when a romantic relationship ends, can be marked by anger and animosity. However, even in such a scenario, violence is relatively rare. Unfortunately, a man in Louisiana is likely considering his criminal defense following his recent arrest in connection with his ex-wife's death.

Police believe that the 56-year-old man may have hid under the house the woman shared with her mother, waiting for the woman to leave for work. When she left, police believe that he attacked the 48-year-old woman with an axe. Reports indicate that the woman's mother likely heard the alleged victim screaming and begged for the man to stop.

Louisiana man likely considering criminal defense after crash

Car accidents happen every single day in Louisiana and across the country. While they may vary in severity, they can happen for reasons that are not necessarily criminal in nature. However, a man in Louisiana is now likely considering his criminal defense after several criminal charges were filed against him following a fatal crash.

Police reports indicate that the crash that led to the 32-year-old man's arrest happened at approximately 5 p.m. on a day in September. According to police, the man was speeding when he is believed to have lost control of the vehicle, causing it to exit the roadway. The vehicle reportedly hit multiple trees before turning over.

How drug charges may affect child custody

If you struggle with drug addiction, you might be wondering how it will impact the outcome of your divorce, particularly as it relates to your kids. You might have concerns about how past drug convictions may affect your legal rights relating to child custody and visitation. 

While there is no clear-cut rule about how drug problems impact your relationships with your kids, you can expect it to be something that the court will discuss and consider. 

Criminal defense: Louisiana police suspect man in murders

Many in Louisiana would concede that there is a great deal of tension in the country today. Unfortunately, police believe that the recent deaths of two black men may be another byproduct of that tension. Although reports indicate that they have a suspect in mind, it is unclear what evidence they have connecting him to the murders. The suspect may be wondering how he will create a proper criminal defense to the allegations against him, which also include drug charges.

The two men were shot approximately five miles away from one another. According to reports, the person responsible for their deaths shot them from a vehicle before exiting the vehicle and shooting multiple times. Shell casings from the two incidents reportedly connect the crimes.

Fatigued man faces drug charges in Louisiana

Fatigue can manifest in some strange ways. These include many symptoms that may seem similar to being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, such as confusion and clumsiness. Despite this, a man in Louisiana is now facing drug charges after he allegedly fell asleep at a drive thru.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in September. According to reports, police were called to the scene after a man was found sleeping while in the driver's seat of a vehicle. Officers claim they turned off the engine, and when the man awakened, he attempted to put the vehicle into drive.

Criminal defense: Louisiana gun battle results in 2 arrests

When it comes to criminal charges, people in Louisiana and other areas of the country who lack legal training and experience are often unsure of the steps that follow an arrest. Without help, the most basic aspects of building a criminal defense may be out of their reach. For example, a man charged with attempted murder is likely wondering about his options.

The charges stem from an alleged incident that occurred in late August outside of a hair salon. Police claim that a 25-year-old man and and 21-year-old man became involved in a physical altercation. The former is believed to have shot at the latter, who then fired back. Both men were transported to the hospital in personal vehicles.

Wife, hospitalized husband face drug charges in Louisiana

The process surrounding the criminal justice system is often complex, requiring a great deal of legal education and experience to successfully navigate. Unfortunately, most people facing criminal charges do not have the necessary knowledge to recognize unlawful treatment or respond to charges. For example, two people in Louisiana may be experiencing a great deal of uncertainty now that they face drug charges following an incident in a hospital.

Reports indicate that a man was a patient at a Louisiana hospital when a nurse claims she discovered him and his wife in the hospital room unconscious. According to the nurse, they had needles in their arms, and there were tourniquets present. As a result, the police were contacted and a search of the hospital room was  conducted.

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