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Shared emotions may ease the trauma of divorce

When marriages end, it is only natural for those involved to be emotional. Even the most amicable divorce can be a challenge to navigate. However, there are ways in which individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere can ease the trauma typically associated with divorce. The most difficult of all might be the advice to leave emotions at the door when engaging in divorce negotiations.

However, allowing judgment to be clouded by emotions can be detrimental to the decision-making process. Talking with advisors may help to work through the emotions before making important decisions. While emotions can be poured out to friends and family, advice about issues that can affect a person's post-divorce financial stability may be best sought from attorneys and financial advisors.

Criminal Defense: 3 Teens arrested after alleged armed carjacking

When individuals are behind bars and facing criminal charges, they will likely be considering their options. Obtaining legal counsel to handle the criminal defense may be the most appropriate step. Three Louisiana residents found themselves in such circumstances after their recent arrest near the French Quarter.

While busy with an ongoing investigation into carjackings, robberies and more, New Orleans police allegedly noticed three men in a suspected stolen car near the French Quarter. After identifying the vehicle as one that was reported stolen a week earlier, police arrested the men – ages 18, 19 and 16. Officers searched the car and appaently seized a 9-mm firearm, along with some prescription narcotics, marijuana and suspicious IDs and credit cards. Authorities released the 16-year-old to his mother while booking the other two for charges related to the stolen vehicle, carrying a firearm and drug offenses. Contributing to the juvenile's delinquency also formed part of the charges against the two men.

Justice Dept, FBI looking for motive in post-election incidents

There was galling news from the FBI this week: 2015 saw a shocking 67-percent increase in hate crimes against Muslims. Meanwhile, following the election on Nov. 8, civil rights groups have reported a number of incidents ranging from harassment to attacks against Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities as well as against Trump supporters.

"Many Americans are concerned by a spate of recent news reports about alleged hate crimes and harassment," said Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Friday.

Financial preparedness essential before filing for divorce

Making a decision to end a marriage may be difficult, but many more decisions will follow before it is all over. When thinking of divorce, the first things many Louisiana people may consider are child custody and property division, but there are many more things with which to deal. As soon as the intention to file for divorce is announced to family and friends, be assured that there will be no shortage of advice -- often from complete strangers. However, no two marriages or divorces are the same, and what worked for others were likely unique to their circumstances.

Financial preparedness will play a significant role in the process. While it is not cheap to get divorced, legal costs can be limited by avoiding litigation. Communication and compromise may lead to mutual agreements on most or all issues -- especially if done with the help of a divorce mediator.

How accurate is eyewitness testimony?

Many people take for granted that eyewitness testimony is factual, truthful and sufficient to make or break the case for the defendant. It may include identification of the suspect or details of the crime scene itself. It may be important in a matter involving an animal - a dog bite case, for example. However, questions surround the accuracy of eyewitness testimony because of the way human memory works. The expertise of the person who interviewed the eyewitness may also be questionable.

Woman faces multiple drug charges following fight with husband

A woman was recently arrested on charges related to drugs in Louisiana after getting into an altercation with her husband. The incident occurred at an intersection of a street and U.S. Highway 167. The woman facing drug charges is 34 years old.

According to police, when they got to the scene of the altercation, the husband was wiping himself off after the wife had tossed a drink at him. Police said they noticed a small bag of marijuana on the floor on the passenger's side of the couple's car. They later determined that more than 3 grams of marijuana were in the baggie.

Manager accused of theft and fraud at casino

A man in Louisiana recently reached a plea deal after facing charges of theft as well as white collar crime. Specifically, he has been accused of fraud. The man facing charges was a casino general manager.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after he and a chief financial officer were taken into custody on multiple criminal charges. The arrests took place following an internal investigation that Louisiana's Chitimacha Tribe conducted. State troopers also conducted an investigation that helped lead to the arrests.

Prostitution, drug charges filed following undercover operation

Four individuals in Louisiana were arrested following an operation that was done undercover at a hotel. They currently face prostitution and drug charges. The arrests were made starting late on a Thursday night to early the next morning.

According to the police's investigation, a 30-year-old man was serving as a pimp for two women. A third one was reportedly engaging in prostitution. When police made contact with the man and one of the first two women, they reportedly found several marijuana blunts. Authorities also allegedly discovered a cigarillo that was used for smoking marijuana and a glass pipe that had methamphetamine residue on it.

Man in Louisiana accused of several sex crimes

A man in Louisiana has pleaded guilty to both child pornography and sexual battery. The man was sentenced on a recent Monday for these sex crimes. He is expected to spend 25 years behind prison bars.

According to police, these criminal acts were discovered back in 2014 when a woman read in the diary of her daughter that the man had inappropriately touched the girl. The girl was 6 years old then. When the mother questioned the daughter about it, the girl reportedly told her that the inappropriate touching had taken place several times.

Militia leader faces gun and drug charges in Louisiana

A militia leader in Louisiana was recently indicted on criminal charges. According to the felony indictment in federal court, the 47-year-old man faces gun and drug charges, including distributing methamphetamine (three counts). The other charges include possessing and intending to distribute meth, as well as possessing a gun to commit a crime of drug trafficking.

The man was taken into custody in a town where his wife is a day care owner. Authorities said they learned about him while conducting an investigation into domestic terrorism. The man was suspected of engaging in drug dealing with large amounts of meth. He also reportedly stated that he had access to more than 80 guns.