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Criminal defense: Louisiana woman accused of drive-by shooting

It is difficult to meet someone who does not have some form of social media account. While social media has had a significant impact on how people communicate with one another, some claim that these changes are not always positive, that it can sometimes spark unnecessary conflict. In fact, a woman in Louisiana has recently been arrested and now is likely preparing her criminal defense following an interaction allegedly sparked by a social media dispute.

Criminal defense: Louisiana teen charged with murder

Electronics have revolutionized how people work and protect themselves. For example, surveillance cameras can help provide security for businesses and neighborhoods. However, the footage obtained from these cameras is not always the best quality, often making it difficult to accurately identify a person seen on footage. Despite this potential uncertainty, a teenager in Louisiana is left preparing a criminal defense after he was charged with murder and attempted murder.

Louisiana man likely preparing criminal defense after arrest

The end of a relationship can be complicated, especially if one person has trouble with the decision to end it. Regardless, most couples in Louisiana are able to end their relationship relatively calmly. Unfortunately, police claim that was not the case for one man. He is now left to decide on a criminal defense after multiple charges were filed against him.

Criminal defense: Louisiana college students accused of theft

Most people have likely seen footage recorded by surveillance cameras. In many circumstances, recordings lack clarity, making it difficult to identify people appearing on the footage. However, many people in Louisiana often find themselves creating a criminal defense based on identifications made on grainy, unclear surveillance footage. In fact, 13 University of Louisiana football players have been suspended following their arrest based on such footage.

Criminal defense: Louisiana bar fight results in murder charge

Conflict can happen between two people for a variety of different reasons. However, when alcohol is involved, the dispute can quickly escalate. Unfortunately, police have accused one Louisiana man of murder following a fight at a bar that allegedly resulted in a fatality. The accused man is likely focused on his criminal defense options following his recent arrest.

Louisiana man's focus turns to criminal defense following arrest

It is natural for disagreements to occur in everyday life. Misunderstandings or differences of opinions can quickly lead to a heated debate and potential conflict. Unfortunately, police in Louisiana claim that a recent dispute between two men led to a shooting. One of the men, who is likely now preparing his criminal defense, was arrested.

Louisiana man likely considering criminal defense after charge

Social media has changed the way that people communicate and live their lives. It allows people to stay in touch with one another or even meet new people. Unfortunately, police believe that a Louisiana man used social media to solicit pornographic images from minors. He is likely focused on his criminal defense following his arrest.

Louisiana veterinarian likely focused on criminal defense

Horse racing can be a serious business with a great deal of money at stake. Unfortunately, one veterinarian in Louisiana has been accused of attempting to fix races. He now faces federal charges after authorities claimed he played a role in illegal treatment given to horses prior to races. He is likely considering his criminal defense after a recent indictment.

Criminal defense: Father and son charged with gas pump fraud

Anybody who is arrested and charged with criminal offenses in Louisiana will face the full wrath of the law. The most appropriate step to take under such circumstances might be to explore criminal defense options. A father and his son from another state were arrested in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday after a traffic stop allegedly revealed evidence of gas pump fraud.

You are innocent until proven guilty

If you read the Bill of Rights, you will see the phrase "innocent until proven guilty," a concept that has endured since the 18th century. It ensures that any American citizen charged with a crime will receive a fair trial. The founding fathers established a structure meant to keep the government from abusing its power and ensure that individuals receive due process of law. The Constitution sets forth certain protections for anyone accused of a crime as well as requirements that must be met before that person can be convicted.

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