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Man accused of drunk driving regarding motor vehicle collision

There are multiple different potential causes of a car accident. At night, a person could have more difficulty seeing, especially when cars are stopped or parked illegally. Even if a police officer on the side of the road has his or her lights engaged, for example, those lights can prove more disorienting than helpful. Unfortunately, a Louisiana man has recently been accused of drunk driving following a motor vehicle collision involving a police officer's car.

Man charged with drunk driving following fatal accident

As most drivers are aware, driving at night can be more difficult due to reduced visibility. In some cases, it may be more difficult for drivers to stop in time to avoid unexpected obstacles in the roadway, because they may be unable to see them in time to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, one man is accused of drunk driving in Louisiana following a recent crash involving an allegedly drunk man lying in the road.

Louisiana police officer fired following drunk driving claim

It seems that the news is filled with negative reports about police officers these days. Police departments in various areas of the country are left facing a public image crisis that can quickly lead to national scrutiny. As a result, departments may be hasty to separate themselves when an officer faces criminal accusations. For example, an officer in Louisiana was recently terminated after she was accused of drunk driving.

Woman accused of drunk driving in Louisiana after fatal crash

Car accidents happen every day for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, some accidents result in criminal charges, leaving people in Louisiana wondering about their legal options. One woman in Louisiana is likely in such a situation after she was arrested for drunk driving.

Louisiana woman charged with drunk driving after accident

Those who are disabled on Louisiana highways can face certain dangers. Anything can happen while disabled on a roadside for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, police say that one woman is suspected of drunk driving with respect to a recent crash that led to a fatality.

Drunk driving suspected after Louisiana accident injures several

Most people are aware of the potential distractions that a driver can face. While many include cell phones or passengers, some people in Louisiana might overlook the fact that potential distractions can also occur outside of a vehicle. For example, one man has recently been arrested after police say his pickup truck crashed into a crowd of people observing a Mardi Gras parade. The driver is suspected of drunk driving.

Drunk driving: Motorcyclist accused of violently resisting arrest

When police officers arrest any Louisiana driver for suspicion of being impaired, the consequences can have a severe effect on that person's life. A 41-year old Louisiana motorcyclist was recently booked into a correctional center on several charges related to drunk driving. His bond was set at $8,150. An arrest affidavit indicates that West Monroe police received reports of a motorcycle rider who appeared to be intoxicated on a recent Sunday evening.

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