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Criminal Defense – Family Law – Professional Disciplinary Issues

When the stakes are high, the choice of a lawyer can be the most important decision you make. Your future is on the line.

Walter M. Sanchez and the attorneys of The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC, are experienced, knowledgeable and determined to obtain the best possible outcome for each client they serve. Mr. Sanchez has been an active criminal defense attorney since 1984, successfully representing people in state and federal criminal cases, complex and highly contested family law cases, and helping professionals whose licenses and livelihoods are in jeopardy.


Your Rights And
Your Future

Protecting Your Rights And Your Future

Walt Sanchez and his associates have experience in these areas of law:

Criminal Defense

Aggressive criminal defense for those charged with a crime in Louisiana. We defend people accused of misdemeanor and serious felony charges, such as murder, rape, DWI/DUI, drug offenses, child pornography and white collar crimes.

Divorce And Family Law

The lawyers at The Sanchez Law Firm protect the rights and interests of people in cases involving complex property division, child custody disputes, divorce, adoption and other family law matters.

Professional Disciplinary Matters

The Sanchez Law Firm defends professionals whose licenses and reputations are on the line because of ethical accusations.

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Obtaining Positive Outcomes Is Our Priority

Walt Sanchez and his associates understand the importance of your case and the difference a successful outcome can make in your life.

You will work closely with Walter M. Sanchez and the attorneys of The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC, throughout the entire legal process. After examining the facts, they will discuss your legal options and the possible outcomes of those options. You will have a realistic understanding of where you stand, so that you can make intelligent decisions about your legal representation.

The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC, will then work energetically to achieve the best outcome possible in your case. When it can aid your case, the firm will work with investigators, psychologists, financial specialists and other professionals to develop evidence in your favor. Throughout the entire legal process, Walter M. Sanchez, and his capable and experienced associates and staff will keep you informed of important developments in your case.

You can depend on The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC, to represent you with energy, skill and determination.

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