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Lack of visibility may have contributed to drunk driving crash

When one is in an automobile accident or one's vehicle breaks down in Louisiana, it may be safest to remain inside the vehicle. This can be particularly true at night and police advise, for safety reasons, that one should remain in the car or truck until help arrives. A man's failure to adhere to this advice may have contributed to his death on a recent evening when he was struck by another vehicle driven by a man who was then charged with drunk driving.

A young man was in his car when it came to a stop along the side of the road. The car was partially on the shoulder and partially on the roadway. The driver got out of his car and was standing next to it when he was struck by an eastbound vehicle.

Warning signs that can indicate a couple might divorce

Some people here in Louisiana who get a divorce say that their spouse asked for one "out of nowhere." Feeling blindsided is not uncommon, though there are others who say that they saw signs that they were headed for a split. Experts say that there are several common warnings that a couple could end up getting a divorce.

Several of these indicators have to do with how spouses communicate. People who use the silent treatment against one another may think that they're allowing time for each person to settle down, but if it means that two spouses are regularly not communicating, it can lead to misunderstanding. Another problem is when couples don't have deeper-level conversations, as this can make a relationship feel too much like friendship. When one or both spouses has difficulty listening to the other, it can cause hurt feelings and make a person feel as though that individual does not have the support of his or her partner.

How to help your college child avoid underage DUI

Classes are coming to an end at many institutions of higher learning in Louisiana, and summer is fast approaching. This means your college child may be coming home. Whether your kid plans on working, relaxing or even staying on campus during summer break, you need to address an important topic: underage DUI.

Your child may be a legal adult but still qualify as a minor according to drinking laws. Of course, drinking is a common part of college life, so your student needs to be aware of the major legal consequences that can follow from making poor choices surrounding alcohol use.

Divorce in the digital world

The dissolution of a marriage has always included the need for property division. In the 21st Century, it is not only physical and financial property one needs to be concerned about but digital property as well. Digital property can include a myriad of different items, and each must be carefully considered and dealt with when considering a divorce in Louisiana.

With so much of one's life residing on digital media, a careful inventory of digital property is necessary when one is considering a divorce. One of the most serious concerns will probably be around passwords and financial accounts. While they are certainly extremely important, there are many other aspects of the digital world that may need to be dealt with.

Mock crashes illustrate the dangers of drunk driving

Kids and alcohol have long been, and will probably continue to be, a dangerous combination. Prom season is upon us and tragically some teens may lose their lives due to drinking and driving on prom night. One school in Louisiana is making an effort to protect teens and reduce the incidents of drunk driving.

Two high schools in the Lake Charles area recently staged mock crashes to illustrate the dangers of drunk driving. The Louisiana Safety Commission and University Medical Center participated in the mock events. Students demonstrated the consequences of their decisions to drink and drive. The demonstrations resulted in the mock death of one student and serious injury to another.

Drunk driving accident takes another life

There are many constant threats in life and sadly one of them is the chance of being involved in a traffic accident. While it is accepted by most that every time one gets behind the wheel one involves taking a risk, chances are not many people would acknowledge thinking that before driving. Maybe if they did, fewer people would choose to drink and drive in Louisiana, reducing the chance of being involved in a drunk driving accident.

Early on the morning of March 17 a collision between two vehicles caused the death of a passenger in one of the cars involved. According to police reports, one vehicle rear-ended the other one. The first car was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed when it rear-ended the other car. The force of the impact caused the ejection of a passenger in the car that was hit.

First offense for drunk driving can be bewildering

It is known that drinking and driving in Louisiana don't mix. Most people are confident that they can have one or two drinks in an evening and still be fine. People have different tolerances for alcohol, however, and it can be difficult to judge. A man was arrested on a recent Saturday night and charged with drunk driving.

He had been driving along the highway when he was struck from behind by another vehicle. The impact of the collision caused the vehicle, a Jeep, to lose control, go into a ditch and hit an embankment. There were four other people in the Jeep, one adult and three children. They were reportedly not wearing seat belts, and one of the children was critically injured. The driver and the other three passengers all sustained minor injuries, and all five people were transported to an area hospital.

Do you have to submit to field sobriety tests?

Seeing those lights in your rear-view along with those sirens can send your heart racing. You may have just had a couple of beers, and you fear the inevitable battery of questions and tests the officer will put you through.

A police officer may pull you over on any number of things, but when he or she believes that you are driving under the influence, the officer may request that you submit to field sobriety testing. Do you know your rights under Louisiana law when it comes to this?

Drug charges can derail a second chance

Drug addiction is a scourge that continues to plague Louisiana and the nation. Some in the criminal justice system are endeavoring to provide a second chance to repeat offenders. One such chance may have gone awry recently when a parolee was arrested and is now facing drug charges.

A man who had been arrested and charged as a habitual drug offender was sentenced to life in prison after having three previous felony convictions. He pursued his education while incarcerated. Twenty years later, he had become a model prisoner and was considered for parole under Louisiana's effort to reduce harsh sentences. The man enrolled in a training program, Strive NOLA, and was hired as an office manager by the Orleans Parish Public Defenders Office.

Birthday celebration ends with a drunk driving charge

Mardi Gras celebrations are in full swing in Louisiana. Sadly, that can also mean that there is an increase in the number of suspected drunk driving accidents in and around the New Orleans area. One such accident occurred not far from the French Quarter and involved a vehicle reportedly ramming into a crowd of pedestrians.

The suspect, who had been celebrating his birthday, reportedly lost control and drove into a crowd of people on a street not far from where the Endymion parade was taking place. The Endymion is one of New Orleans's largest Mardi Gras celebrations. Two people were reported killed in the incident and six people were injured. The two who died had been on bicycles. The ages of the dead and injured ranged from 28 to 65.

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