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4 reasons you should take a paternity test

Few relationships are more meaningful than the bond between parent and child. If you are lucky, you know you are the father of the young one in your life. Unfortunately, though, it can be difficult to be certain. Thanks to modern science, you can likely clear up uncertainty by taking a paternity test. 

Paternity testing generally comes in two forms. With an unofficial test, you use an agency to help you determine paternity. An official test, on the other hand, usually has legal weight. Here are four reasons why you may want to take a paternity test. 

The true story could affect the outcome of drug charges

The battle against illicit drug use rages on in Louisiana and around the country. Few days go by without a story on drug use showing up in media headlines. Another such story surfaced recently regarding the father of a teenager know to many in Louisiana as JJ. He's a fan of the New Orleans Saints and the LSU football team. He suffers from a rare liver disease and his father is facing drug charges.

His father was recently arraigned on numerous drug charges. He has been accused of allegedly selling cocaine and heroin. He also faces charges of wire fraud and witness tampering and has even been accused of stealing money from a GoFundMe account intended to help defray medical costs for his son. He was allegedly caught on video selling cocaine last year and as a result was denied bail.

Recent arrestees likely focused on criminal defense

Mardi Gras 2019 is fast approaching. New Orleans is a favorite destination for those seeking to have a good time before the season of Lent begins. New Orleans has been the scene of great revelry and also significant crime during the Mardi Gras celebrations. Those arrested will need to turn their attention to their criminal defense in Louisiana.

In a recent attempt to get some allegedly violent people off the streets ahead of the Mardi Gras celebrations, New Orleans police have arrested over 40 suspects in recent days. The task force responsible for the arrests was tasked with getting dangerous criminals off the street. The crime rate in New Orleans is improving as the number of murders in 2019 is at seven and there were 17 by this time last year.

Recent roundup leaves scores in need of criminal defense

The New Orleans Police Department recently conducted a roundup of individuals suspected of committing a variety of criminal offenses. The sweep resulted in the arrest of 45 people throughout the city, some of whom are facing charges for murder, attempted murder and other serious charges. Per their constitutional right, these Louisiana residents are entitled to criminal defense counsel to help them fight the charges they face.

Dubbed "Operation New Year Clean Sweep," the roundup is an example of the tactics law enforcement are using to drive down the number of murders and other violent crimes committed in the city. So far, it seems to be working, as the city has registered only nine murders this year compared to 17 during the same time frame last year. In addition, these coordinated efforts have helped reduce the city's violent crimes to the lowest levels in the past 47 years.

Mardi Gras can lead to an increase in drunk driving

Mardi Gras is almost here in Louisiana, and along with it will come multiple parties and celebrations. While it is a festive and widely celebrated period, it also is a time when incidents of drunk driving see an increase on area roadways. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of drunk driving deaths at this time is higher than the national average.

The first of many Mardi Gras balls was held recently in Lafayette. Many more will follow, and most will include the consumption of significant amounts of alcohol. Louisiana police will be stepping up patrols in an attempt to protect drivers.

Understanding constructive possession

When you face some kind of drug charge in Louisiana, you likely become quite concerned, as well you should be. Depending on exactly what alleged drug crime the prosecutor charges you with, you could face a substantial prison term if convicted. Then too, depending on the quantity of drugs that law enforcement officers allegedly recovered from you, you could face multiple charges.

When you hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you, be sure to tell him or her the exact circumstances of the alleged drug recovery and the exact circumstances surrounding your arrest. Why? Because it is possible that the drugs the officers recovered may not have been yours, even if they found them in your home, your car, or some other place you frequent.

Youthful indiscretion can lead to need for criminal defense

One's teen years are supposed to be a time of adventure, risk-taking and self-discovery. Too often that can lead a young person down the wrong path. When that path runs afoul of the law, it can leave a young person facing the reality of needing a criminal defense in Louisiana.

According to police reports, three young men, ages 16, 15 and 14, were arrested and charged with armed robbery. The three are being held in the Juvenile Justice Center. They face additional charges of aggravated battery and fleeing from an officer, according to a spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department.

A traffic stop aided by a K-9 unit leads to drug charges

Seeing flashing red and blue lights in one's rearview mirror is never a pleasant experience. It is advisable to pull over and comply with a Louisiana police officer's requests, which typically begin with a request for a driver's license and registration. A car was pulled over near Larose for improper lane usage. A search resulting from the stop ended with three people facing drug charges.

The car was initially pulled over by narcotics agents who cited the illegal lane use. The officers were joined by a K-9 unit that allegedly detected marijuana in the car. The agents reported that they detected a strong marijuana odor emanating from the car and a subsequent search revealed amounts of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. The driver reportedly had two outstanding warrants for drug distribution.

Drug charges need not leave a person feeling helpless

A new year has arrived but sadly many issues from the old year did not end with it. The drug problem in Louisiana continues to be a major problem. Police from Ouachita Parish are in search of a suspect who is wanted on drug charges as a result of a recent search.

A warrant was recently executed to allow a search of the suspect's home. The suspect reportedly fled as the officers executed the warrant. The officers executed a search of the home located on Foster Street in Monroe. During the search, a young woman was found in the house with her 1-year-old child.

Drug charges have long term ramifications

Law enforcement agencies in Louisiana continue to battle the drug crisis that is consuming so much of the nation. The crisis is a continuing one that shows little sign of abating as we end one year and begin another. The failure of one person to appear in court led to the arrest of three additional people who now face drug charges.

A man who had previously been arrested and charged with possession of schedule II drugs with intent to distribute them failed to appear in court, and so a warrant was issued for his arrest. Officers reportedly observed a vehicle with an illegal license plate on Pitre Street in Terrebonne Parish. After following the vehicle they say they saw the suspect exit the vehicle. As the officers approached the vehicle, the suspect allegedly fled but was later apprehended. Three additional people in the vehicle were arrested and charged with narcotics violations.

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