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The dangers of prescription painkillers

Most people know to avoid illegal substances for health and legal reasons. However, some people do not understand the dangers of prescription painkillers. This false sense of safety is highest among young adults, who are most likely to use these drugs without a prescription, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

However, the truth is sobering. Overdosing has increased significantly in the U.S., with many near-deaths as well. Know the facts to prevent hurting your future. 

Grand jury investigation leads to arrests on drug charges

Before a drug arrest is made in Louisiana, there may be a lot of work done behind the scenes before the arrest is carried out. This may include gathering evidence and conducting lengthy observation of any alleged illegal activity. When police officers believe they have sufficient evidence, drug charges may then be brought against a suspect or suspects. Being charged with a crime can be very scary and intimidating. Anyone so charged is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

In a recent case, two men were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of intent to distribute cocaine and heroin. They were also charged with one count each of illegal firearms possession. One gentleman is from Ponchatoula and the other is from Hammond.

High speed chase can result in the need for a criminal defense

When police in Louisiana receive a tip that an allegedly stolen vehicle may have been involved in a crime, the police will be on the lookout for that vehicle. If the vehicle is spotted by police, they may pursue it, and this may end in a high speed chase. Anyone apprehended in such a chase may be in need of criminal defense.

The tip to the police stated that the men believed to be driving the black SUV were suspected of attempting to sell a handgun that the tipster said was involved in a shooting. The chase started in Abbeville, proceeded to Erath and ended with the SUV crashing into another vehicle in Lafayette. The occupants of the black SUV then fled on foot. They were apprehended by police.

Too much affection or lack thereof: Either may lead to divorce

Just about the only thing one can say with any certainty about marriage is that no two relationships are exactly the same. No matter how many books are written on how to keep relationships alive, however, it is impossible to predict which Louisiana marriages will last a lifetime and which will end in divorce. Several authors and relationship analysts recently discussed the issue and they believe there are various signs that suggest a particular marriage may have problems at some point.  

One of the most surprising red flag signals of marriage trouble is when spouses are overly romantic in the early months of their relationship. According to a study that observed more than 160 couples for more than 10 years, couples who are so overly affectionate that they are oblivious to the world around them often wind up getting divorced when the sparks die down. Common life circumstances, such as having children, working or juggling finances can quickly diffuse a hyped-up romantic flame; some are never rekindled.  

Commercial flights and an indictment on drug charges

Illegal drugs continue to be a problem in Louisiana. Efforts to curtail the influx of drugs are ongoing. A recent investigation resulted in multiple indictments in Jefferson Parish. The indictments brought drug charges against multiple people.

Fourteen people have been indicted on multiple counts of smuggling drugs and laundering money. They allegedly smuggled drugs from California to Louisiana on board commercial flights. They are accused of bribing airline employees to facilitate the movement of drugs across state lines. One of those indicted is an airline employee who is supposed to have supplied over 100 airline passes to the other people mentioned in the indictment.

Are my spouse and I good candidates for uncontested divorce?

Your best friend was recently divorced and told you how mediation saved her thousands of dollars and helped her avoid a great deal of contention. Now that your marriage is heading in the same direction, you may wonder if an uncontested divorce can work for you. Are some divorces better suited to mediation and collaborative law than others in Louisiana?

The answer largely depends on the history of your marriage, as well as your current relationship with your soon-to-be ex. Mediation and collaborative law can be beneficial in most situations, if you and your spouse are willing to negotiate and treat each other with respect. You may have fought bitterly during your marriage and might have strong resentments toward your spouse. If you are able to set these feelings aside during your mediation sessions, you might be able to make an uncontested divorce work.

Fast food robberies leads to the need for a criminal defense

Where significant sums of money change hands, robberies are likely to occur in Louisiana. This includes banks, liquor stores, convenience stores and now fast food restaurants. Orleans and Jefferson Parish fast food restaurants have been the target of a spate of recent robberies. Involvement in such a crime could lead to the need for a criminal defense.

The robberies have occurred at Subway restaurants and most recently police say there was an attempted robbery at an area Wendy's restaurant. They claim a suspect entered the Wendy's and attempted to remove a cash drawer while brandishing a gun. Reportedly, he was unable to remove the cash drawer and fled in a dark Chevrolet Malibu that had a temporary tag that did not come up in the system.

Another overdose death leads to drug charges

The opioid crisis and resulting overdose deaths continue to plague our society and the state of Louisiana. When a tragic death occurs that appears to be the result of a drug overdose, family and loved ones may search for a culprit on whom to blame the death of their loved one. Such a search can lead to drug charges.

Such is the situation in a recent New Orleans case. A young man appeared to suffer a fatal overdose. Two men have been charged with second degree murder in connection with the young man's death. The two in question are alleged to have sold the deceased the heroin that killed him.

Romantic bonds can lead to the need for a criminal defense

Many people in our society are struggling to rebuild their lives through recovery from drug or alcohol problems. The fight to get sober and the resolve to begin life anew in Louisiana remains an ongoing battle, even for those with multiple years of sobriety. Romantic relationships can further complicate the situation. Partners may be in different phases of recovery but want to remain in the relationship. If one partner gets into trouble, it can lead to trouble for the other partner and lead to his or her need for a criminal defense.

Such is the case for a young woman from Hancock County who was convicted on drug charges in 2015. She resolved to get her life back and she succeeded. She got a full-time job, showed up for drug court and appeared to be on her way to a better life. She moved into a trailer and was joined by her boyfriend who was a convicted thief and was arrested for stealing a Ford truck. The truck was parked on the property and the young woman was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property after a search warrant revealed other stolen items in the home.

Armed robbery suspect has a right to a criminal defense

Witness accounts and descriptions are frequently used to apprehend suspects in Louisiana. Just because a person who is apprehended appears to match a description provided by a witness does not preclude that person from the legal protections available to all those accused of a crime, including the presumption of innocence. The suspect has a right to a criminal defense.

In a recent case in Jefferson County, a truck driver was apprehended after witnesses provided a description of him and the truck he was driving as having allegedly been involved in two armed robberies. The suspect is accused of stealing empty CD cases from a store where he reportedly lifted his shirt and displayed a gun. Following this robbery, the suspect then supposedly proceeded to a nearby gas station and is suspected of robbing the gas station at gunpoint.

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