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3 men in Louisiana face drug charges after paying bill

There are many people in Louisiana who want to ensure that their financial obligations are met. For most, this includes paying their bills. Unfortunately, a trip to pay a bill ultimately resulted in an arrest in Louisiana recently. The three people arrested now face drug charges.

Police reports indicate that the three men went to City Hall on a day in early January in order to pay a utility bill. However, a police officer who walked by their vehicle claims to have smelled marijuana. An investigation began as a result.

Criminal defense: Louisiana man accused of attacking ex's friend

The end of a relationship can be filled with animosity and contention. Often, one or both parties may have difficulty transitioning to the next stage of their lives. However, most of this difficulty lies in the individual's emotional response to the event. Despite this, police claim that a man in Louisiana attacked his ex-girlfriend's friend at her apartment. The ex-boyfriend now faces several criminal charges and may be considering his criminal defense.

The incident that led to the 23-year-old man's arrest happened on a night in mid-December. According to police, the man entered his ex-girlfriend's home; she was not at home at the time. However, a 24-year-old male who had fallen asleep was still at the apartment. He claims that he woke up to someone striking him in the head with a gun.

Drunk driving allegations follow fatal Louisiana crash

Car accidents can occur before drivers even have an opportunity to react. They happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are simple driver error. Unfortunately, police in Louisiana believe that a recent fatal crash was caused by a driver who was drunk driving at the time.

The incident happened in late December and involved two vehicles. Police say that a car driven by a 36-year-old woman struck a vehicle containing a young couple and their infant. Reports indicate that the collision caused the fuel tank of the couple's care to rupture, and both vehicles caught fire.

Louisiana criminal defense: Musician, partner indicted

When a person's responsibilities include managing a great deal of money, it is not out of the question that some mistakes could be made. However, some people -- including law enforcement officials -- may be quick to conclude that what was simply a mistake is actually something much more nefarious. For example, Louisiana musician, Irvin Mayfield, and his friend were recently indicted on several federal crimes and are likely considering their criminal defense.

The trumpet player and his friend served on the board of a foundation intended to benefit public libraries. They also allegedly had roles in a jazz orchestra that Mayfield founded. However, prosecutors have accused the pair of using over $1 million of funds meant for libraries for their own enrichment.

Did the breathalyzer malfunction during your arrest for DWI?

In the state of Louisiana, the law requires a breath test when a police officer stops you on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

An arrest for DWI is an unnerving experience, especially if you believe you were improperly charged with this offense. As a 2016 incident in Philadelphia shows, Breathalyzers are not always accurate.

Deputy arrested, accused of drunk driving in Louisiana

Police officers have difficult jobs. They are often the object of public ridicule for actions they must make in split seconds, often while their lives are in danger. Unfortunately, this often means that when a law enforcement officer is suspected of a crime, consequences are often swift and harsh. In fact, a sheriff's deputy in Louisiana has recently been arrested for drunk driving.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened at approximately 5 a.m. on a day in December. According to reports, the 22-year-old sheriff's deputy had been on patrol duty for approximately four months. He was off duty at the time of the crash that led to his termination.

Louisiana traffic stop leads to drug charges

When faced with an authority figure, it is often second nature to acquiesce to a request. However, when a person is pulled over by a police officer, it may be in their best interest to decline permission to conduct a search without a warrant, for example. Unfortunately, a traffic stop in Louisiana has recently resulted in drug charges.

The incident that led to two arrests happened on a day in early December. According to reports, police conducted a traffic stop of a 36-year-old man. As a result of that stop, officers say they discovered over $70,000 in cash. It is unclear what prompted the stop or how the money was discovered, but the man was arrested and charged with money laundering.

Criminal defense: Louisiana nightclub bouncer arrested

When facing criminal charges, many people in Louisiana do not have the necessary experience to make informed decisions regarding the direction their case will take. Unfortunately, a nightclub bouncer is now likely pondering his criminal defense after his recent arrest. He is accused of impersonation of a police officer.

The incident that led to the 39-year-old man's arrest reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in late November. According to reports, troopers who were on foot patrol noticed two men, one chasing the other. The pursuer, the defendant, was reportedly wearing tactical pants and a ballistic vest with "State Agent" written on it.  He was also said to have been carrying a gun.

Man faces drug charges after passing out in car in Louisiana

Many people in Louisiana have little experience with the criminal justice system. As a result, they may be unaware of the necessary actions that must be taken if charged with a crime. For example, a young man who now faces drug charges may be unsure how to respond to the accusations against him.

According to reports, the 21-year-old male reportedly passed out in his car while parked in the parking lot of a gas station. Police claim that the man had been unconscious for approximately nine hours when they responded. The man, responding officers say, did not awaken until a deputy opened the car door.

Avoid bringing a gun in your carry-on at the airport

It is natural to be a bit forgetful from time to time. However, one place you definitely do not want to be forgetful is the airport. Every year, TSA ends up confiscating numerous items from passengers who simply forgot to remove a prohibited item from their carry-on luggage. In some cases, the forgotten item is a firearm. 

Louisiana is an open carry state, so it is natural for some people to have a gun on their person when they go through town. This person may simply forget to remove the item from her purse before boarding a flight, and this can lead to serious consequences. TSA may understand it was a simple accident, but it does not mean you will get off the hook scot-free. 

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