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$800,000 worth of drugs seized in 2 routine traffic stops?

Drug charges in Louisiana are often announced with great fanfare. They usually come in the form of a sheriff's department press release or as the result of an interview with a police spokesperson. We are often told about a lengthy investigation, sometimes involving cooperation from various state and federal task forces that have specifically targeted the seeming proliferation of drug crimes in our state. Little is offered of the suspect's point of view, except that which conforms to the police view. That discrepancy illustrates why the presumption of innocence is such an important legal doctrine.

Federal drug charges for 13 men accused of heroin distribution

Louisiana law enforcement sometimes applies a long investigative process before filing charges related to drug activity, especially when police are seeking federal charges. From the perspective of law enforcement, the more evidence that is procured prior to an arrest, the easier it is to make drug charges "stick." Even so, anyone accused of a drug crime has certain unshakable rights under the law and is entitled to the legal presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. Recently, after an investigation leading to multiple arrests involving a purported heroin distribution plot, 13 men were charged with federal crimes warranting a strong criminal defense.

Man accused of marijuana possession, violating parole

By law, if a person is accused of a crime, the innocence or guilt of that person should be determined based solely on the facts of the particular incident in question, not on any prior convictions the individual may have. Every case has to be tried singly, and every Lake Charles resident faced with criminal charges is presumed to be innocent until proven otherwise. Accused individuals have certain protections under the law, not the least of which is the right to remain silent. These facts and more may be running through the mind of a 35-year-old Louisiana man, who is accused of violating his parole by possessing marijuana.

Multiple drug charges for University of Louisiana student

Many Louisiana residents know that if an individual is caught in possession of a controlled substance, criminal charges are likely to follow. What Louisiana residents may not know, however, is that a single incident of possessing a controlled substance may lead to multiple drug charges. Everyday there are cases cited all over the country in which a routine traffic stop results in just such a predicament. And that appears to be the case for a University of Louisiana student who is now facing multiple drug charges after a traffic stop.

Seven arrested in what NOPD claim are linked incidents

Drug charges continue to merit attention in New Orleans and all of Louisiana. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) claimed success from the operation of three stings in the city on Oct. 26 and 27. Police claim the stings were related to purported associates of a recently convicted murderer, though there was no information released which corroborated that assertion.

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