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Man faces New Orleans grand jury on drug, weapons charges

The war on drugs in Louisiana is going strong. But regardless of the apparent zeal often exhibited by law enforcement, anyone who is accused of drug crimes in the state of Louisiana is entitled to certain legal rights during any arrest or trial regarding such charges. With these issues in mind, Lake Charles readers will be interested in a case involving a man who will now have to mount a very strong and meaningful defense before a New Orleans grand jury. The man hails from Buffalo, New York, and he now faces federal weapons and drug charges in Louisiana.The incident that led to the charges occurred shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Dec. 11 in Saint Tammany Parish. The 52-year-old man was reportedly pulled over by Louisiana State Troopers for a traffic violation.

Criminal defense for Lil' Boosie set back, judge denies motions

Lake Charles residents may have been following the case of Torrence Hatch -- better known as rapper Lil' Boosie -- who has been accused of murdering a man in 2009 and playing a role in several other killings. During his pre-trial hearing on Nov. 29, Lil' Boosie pled guilty to several drug charges, including trying to smuggle drugs into prison. The judge sentenced the artist to eight years in jail for those charges, with credit for time already served. The judge also denied Lil' Boosie's criminal defense attorneys' motion to take the East Baton Rouge District Attorney off the murder case.Further, the judge denied the criminal defense team's request to quash a search warrant of Lil' Boosie's home, and to suppress computer evidence purportedly seized by investigators. Additionally, the judge denied the defense's attempt to subpoena the man allegedly hired by Lil' Boosie for the 2009 killing. That person testified before a grand jury, but Lil' Boosie's attorneys say the man now wants to recant his statements.

Fraud task force targets Louisiana physicians

The Medicare Fraud Strike Force claims to have evidence that four Louisiana physicians wrote a large number of false prescriptions. Officials allege that this activity sustained a multi-million-dollar healthcare fraud in the Baton Rouge area. The four physicians remain licensed to practice medicine. Two of them pled guilty, and a third was convicted at a jury trial in August. The fourth doctor had previous probations regarding his medical license. He is now fighting the fraud charges.Prior to being charged with Medicare fraud, three of the targeted physicians were placed on probation for questionable prescription practices. Court and board records show that the Medicare Strike Force fraud cases are not related to the medical board's previous disciplinary actions against the physicians.

Sex crimes conviction means mandatory registration in Louisiana

It is no secret that Louisiana is cracking down on sex crimes. Facing sex crimes charges in this state can lead to a whole variety of problems for the accused. If that person is later convicted of those sex crimes, he or she may face a lifelong stigma that can affect everything from getting a job to moving to another state.However, moving from one state to another may not help a convicted person erase his or her sex offender registration status. In fact, moving may lead to problems with the police, as one man found out when he moved to Louisiana and failed to register. That man is now charged with failing to register as a convicted sex offender in Louisiana.

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