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Louisiana man arrested for mail-order marijuana

Louisiana police take illegal drug use or possession very seriously. Being convicted of a drug crime can have harsh consequences, including expensive fines and possibly jail time. One man from Frierson, Louisiana, is now facing those consequences after police found him in possession of marijuana.

Alabama man charged with sexual battery and obscenity

Celebrating Alabama's BCS Championship win may have made one man cross the line when he was charged this week in connection with abusing an unconscious Louisiana State University fan. The man was videotaped simulating a sex act on the unconscious fan and was charged with sexual battery and obscenity.

Louisiana youth minister arrested for allegedly soliciting minors

Being accused of a sex crime is a frightening and stressful experience. Not only could you be facing harsh penalties if convicted, but also even if you have not been convicted, the accusation alone could tarnish your reputation. This can be particularly difficult for people who have spent time serving their communities, as one Louisiana youth minister is likely finding out.

Narcotics task force charges 2 Louisiana men

Two Louisiana men in two separate incidents are facing serious drug charges after being arrested by the same drug task force. Reportedly, the Vermilion Municipal Narcotics Task Force was responsible for both arrests. In the first arrest, a 57-year-old man from Maurice was taken to jail after a routine traffic stop for speeding took a turn for the worse. Police claim the man tossed crack cocaine out of his car window before he stopped for the police. A local news report did not provide a description of the amount of crack cocaine supposedly seized by authorities. The drug charges the man now faces include possession of crack cocaine. His bond was set at $5,000.The second man, from Kaplan, has been charged with several drug offenses after allegedly selling drugs to an undercover police officer. No details were divulged as to the investigation surrounding the purported sale of drugs or the type of drugs seized. Authorities only said that an undercover operation led to charges of two counts of distribution of a Schedule V narcotic, one count of distribution of a Schedule IV and one count of a Schedule III narcotic. This man's bond is set at $160,000.

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