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Sex crimes: man arrested for failure to register as sex offender

Authorities in Lake Charles, Louisiana, take sex crimes very seriously. A conviction can result in significant jail time, as well as punitive fines and possible probation. In addition to the aforementioned consequences, those convicted of sex crimes are required by law to list themselves as sex offenders with the proper authorities. Failure to do so can result in additional criminal charges and possible added jail time. Recently, a previously convicted man in Calcasieu Parish found this out after he was arrested for failure to register.

6 people charged after alleged Lake Charles burglary

Recently, deputies with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office responded to reports of an alleged burglary in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Six people, ranging in age from 15 to 41, were reportedly charged with a crime in connection with the alleged burglary. An investigation remains ongoing into the incident, and officials have not ruled out more arrests.

Lake Charles CAT Team investigations result in drug charges

The city of Lake Charles, Louisiana, does not take drug activity lightly. As a result, law enforcement officials have compiled an antidrug task force in the area. The Combined Anti-Drug Task Force, also known as the CAT Team, recently completed an investigation into alleged drug activity taking place at a home on Katherine Street and at the Baymont Inn on the MLK Highway. The CAT Team made several arrests as a result of the investigation. Now, five men are facing drug charges.

Louisiana man charged with child pornography

Sex crimes involving minors can carry severe consequences. Not only that, but Louisiana police officers and federal investigators take such crimes very seriously. After recently being arrested for a sex crime, one Keithville man will soon find out what those consequences could be.

Securities brokerage executive charged with fraud

Recently, a former executive for Stanford Group Co. reported that the securities brokerage firm, recently closed by U.S. regulators, had lost a minimum of $20 million before it was shut down. The former executive reported the figure during cross-examination on the fifth day of the investor fraud trial. And while the company alleges that everyone was able to withdraw their money until the Securities and Exchange Commission sued, the executive reported that at least one client -- who has a home in Lafayette, Louisiana -- was denied his right to $20 million.

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