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Woman faces drug charges after traffic stop in Louisiana

A simple traffic stop can become much more serious if a person is found with drugs or is found to be under the influence of alcohol. One woman knows this first hand. She now faces drug charges after she was stopped on Interstate 10 in Louisiana earlier this month.

Lake Charles card game leads to criminal charges

The recent economic crisis has left some people scrambling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, some people feel that they have to resort to illegal means in order to get the finances they need to sustain their lives. Often, however, this leaves them charged with a crime.

More in Louisiana are charged with a crime in summer months

As many who live in Louisiana know, it can be very hot during the summer months. The long, steamy days can lead to an increased level of aggression in some, according to reports. This aggression can even lead to people being charged with a crime in some cases.

Louisiana man pleads guilty to Internet crimes, now facing jail

Obtaining indecent material involving children over the Internet is considered a serious crime throughout the country. The proliferation of social media websites and other Internet tools can make it easier for some to obtain these materials. When a court finds that a criminal offense has occurred, a resulting Internet crimes conviction can expose the individual to many years of incarceration.

Police on the lookout for Lake Charles copper wiring thieves

Local police report that a Habitat for Humanity project located in Lake Charles has been the subject of several attacks. They are searching for the persons said to be responsible. Once found, the responsible person or persons will likely be charged with a crime.

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