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Suspects yet to be charged in Louisiana murder case

Louisiana residents, as well as people across America, are watching as an ongoing murder case in our state continues to unfold. A young woman is believed to have been stabbed in the chest before her body was dismembered and discarded in the Gulf of Mexico. Police have been investigating the crime since part of the woman's body washed onto a beach on June 7, but so far no one has been charged with a crime in connection with the murder. Other body parts were soon found on beaches nearby.

Louisiana couple arrested for synthetic marijuana

Not long ago, a Louisiana couple was issued drug charges after authorities confirmed that they had synthetic marijuana and a smoking device in a local hotel room. Though authorities were initially unsure of the exact nature of the materials found, police sent the item to a lab for testing prior to the confirmation.

Louisiana man charged after forcing pharmacist to fill prescription

There are often at least two sides to every story. Sometimes media accounts of an incident can be accurate, and other times they may be unintentionally misleading. It is not always clear when a person is charged with a crime if the accounts that are published are exactly what happened. What is for sure is that no person who is accused of a crime is guilty unless they are convicted in a court of law.

Calhoun man faces drug charges for Alprazolam

A call from neighbors apparently brought police to a Louisiana man's home on May 24. The neighbors reported that there were loud noises coming from the residence. Police reported to the residence, and the night ended with the Calhoun man being arrested on a drug possession charge.

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