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Louisiana man charged for allegedly filming girls in bathroom

A Louisiana man accused of video voyeurism was reportedly having a difficult time making bail in Bossier Parish. His legal troubles began in late January, when authorities discovered that he had allegedly placed video cameras in bathrooms used by teenage girls who were having a sleepover. It was not clear what led authorities to suspect this activity, but police say he videotaped juvenile girls and an unidentified adult woman while they purportedly were in a bathroom at the man's residence in Haughton. The sex crimes charges that resulted initially included 17 counts of video voyeurism and four allegations of child pornography involving juveniles.

Louisiana lawsuit could get some taken off sex offender list

There are 493 people on the Louisiana sex offender list that have been convicted of crimes against nature and solicitation. These people, who have been previously found guilty of certain sex crimes in our state, are the subject of a class-action lawsuit that asks the court to remove their names from the state sex offender list. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a federal court ruling concerning a 200-year-old law that states that anyone found soliciting oral or anal sex for money is a sex offender.

Louisiana drug charges: man accused after restaurant lot tip

A local Louisiana restaurant in Eunice was the scene of a drug arrest in late June. An 18-year-old stands accused of multiple drug charges that include possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was booked on the drug charges at the Eunice Police Department.

Louisiana woman facing more than 100 counts of bank fraud

White collar crimes can range from bank and insurance fraud to embezzlement and money laundering. White collar crime allegations can be life-altering, and the potential consequences for a conviction may include jail time and substantial financial penalties. A Louisiana woman is currently facing over 125 counts of bank fraud as well as theft of more than $1,500.

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