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Those charged with a crime in Louisiana should consider internet

The ways that police and other officials in Louisiana are investigating crimes has begun to change in recent years. These changes include the use of the Internet and social media to search for suspects and to learn information about crimes after they happen. For those who have been charged with a crime, these changes can mean that the information that they put online could come back to haunt them in some instances.

Utilize your right to remain silent: Louisiana men face drug charges

As Louisiana residents prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Isaac, two men were arrested by local police. Officers say that the pair was driving down a roadway near businesses that had closed early in anticipation of the storm. Police stopped the vehicle, which resulted in both men being arrested and charged with crimes that included a drug possession charge.

Louisiana woman faces drug charges after traffic stop

Police in Louisiana conducted a traffic stop recently on a woman they say was veering into oncoming traffic as she drove her pickup truck. During the stop police became suspicious that criminal activity was taking place, authorities report. The details of what led to their suspicion are unclear. What is clear is that before the traffic stop ended, the local woman found herself facing drug charges.

2 police dead, 5 arrested in Louisiana shootout

Being accused of a serious crime is a life-changing occurrence. When that crime involves the death of a police officer, the need for a comprehensive and focused criminal defense eclipses all else. A recent incident in Louisiana has ended the lives of two sheriff's deputies and wounded two others. At the time of this report, police have taken five individuals into custody and are no longer searching for additional suspects in the case.

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