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Lake Charles: 2 residents facing drug charges in meth discovery

Authorities in Lake Charles have arrested two people in connection to a meth lab. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office reported that the arrests were made following officers being dispatched to a residence where a suspicious odor was detected. The two individuals in the home, purportedly the residents, were taken into custody and have since been charged with serious drug charges.

Criminal defense: Lake Charles accident spawns DWI charges

When anyone in our state is suspected of committing a crime, they may feel that the road ahead is bleak. Fortunately, many have certain rights under the law, such as the ability to launch a criminal defense against the allegations. Lake Charles authorities have charged an 18-year-old woman with DWI following a crash she was involved in with a Louisiana State Police officer. According to reports, the accident caused five injuries, but their exact nature and extent is unknown. All of those injured were in the vehicle with the woman who has been charged.

Louisiana woman accused of Medicaid fraud

The Medicaid system is among the programs nationwide that are carefully monitored to avoid misuse and fraud. When it is believed that someone is taking advantage of the program, the consequences in Louisiana courts can be harsh. One woman who stands accused of fraud may be learning just how much so.

Louisiana State University football star facing drug charges

One of Louisiana's star athletes who was already dismissed from playing football for the LSU team is now facing criminal charges. The drug charges now pending Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu come just months after he was a finalist for the coveted Heisman Trophy. In addition, Mathieu was on the fast track to football success and was named one of the best five players last year.

Louisiana criminal defense: Eyewitness testimony not always accurate

News reports of a purported crime often show how little information police have to solve a particular case. The information provided to them usually comes from victims and sometimes other witnesses. When the only witnesses are also the victims of the crime, their recollections may be affected by the stress they were under at the time of the incident, particularly if it was a robbery or violent crime. Those details provided to police typically play an important part in a criminal defense on behalf of someone subsequently charged with a crime.

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