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Louisiana man charged with a crime after unrelated traffic stop

Recently, a Louisiana man has found himself facing serious allegations after a traffic stop led police to become suspicious of the contents of his vehicle. According to reports, the 28-year-old man was charged with the crime of burglary after police spotted suspicious items in his vehicle. They were allegedly later connected to a string of burglaries.

Woman charged with seven counts of Medicaid fraud in Louisiana

Medicaid has recently been aggressively debated by politicians. For many people, it is an important government assistance program which they depend upon. Unfortunately, many people attempt to take advantage of the system to obtain assistance which they are not supposed to receive or to enrich themselves. There are strict laws in place which make it illegal to file false Medicaid claims. However, one woman in Louisiana has recently been charged with seven counts of Medicaid fraud and could face time in prison if convicted.

New Iberia woman indicted for Internet fraud: What's next?

Federal law enforcement officials recently announced that they have indicted a woman for operating a web-based scam in New Iberia, Louisiana. Reports indicate that the accused woman will have the opportunity to enter her plea next month, but there is no indication as to how she will proceed with her criminal defense as it relates to the Internet fraud charges.

Criminal defense on tap in decades-old Louisiana murder case

Modern DNA technology has allowed law enforcement officials to reexamine cold cases that have sometimes been collecting dust for decades. This was recently the situation in Louisiana, when DNA testing on a 28-year-old murder case led to the arrest of a former exotic dancer and her ex-boyfriend. These individuals have been charged with multiple crimes and must now be prepared to present a thorough and experienced criminal defense for their impending trial.

25 year old rape case leads to sex crime charges in Louisiana

Not all criminal cases in Louisiana are immediately solved. In fact, there are cases that take years before any charges are filed. For one man now living out-of-state, a crime he was allegedly involved in 25 years ago has led to sex crime charges. There are few details available regarding the original case and investigation.

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