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Man charged with a crime has bail revoked and returns to jail

When someone is having emotional or mental problems, he or she may be prone to acting out some bizarre anti-social behavior. This is sometimes seen when a sports fan develops an unhealthy case of fan fervor. Recently, a sports fan was arrested and charged with poisoning trees on an opposing team's university campus. He was released on bond in that state only to be charged with a crime a short time later in Louisiana for getting into an argument at a hardware store.

Dental office assistant arrested on white collar crime charges

Professional offices often handle hefty volumes of incoming cash and outgoing paperwork. In Louisiana, for example, many medical and dental offices take in substantial cash payments from their patients. Also, they process a great deal of paperwork pertaining to insurance claims. These activities open the door to temptation and to the potential for white collar crime.

High school teacher resigns after arrest on sex crime charges

One of the basic values of our criminal justice system is that an accused is innocent unless and until proven guilty. That rule, however, does not always function to protect the accused. For example, when a teacher in a Louisiana public school is arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with a student who is a minor, the grave emotional impact on the school and the community associated with such sex crime charges can outweigh the time-honored principle of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Traffic stop yields arrests for felony drug charges

Traffic stops are a significant source of arrests for drug offenses. Some advocates accuse authorities of making traffic stops solely to obtain drug arrests. When a traffic stop is made in Louisiana, there must first be reasonable factual grounds for making the stop. Without reasonable grounds to stop the vehicle in the first place, the resulting drug charges will likely be dismissed when they get to court.

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