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18-year state police veteran arrested for drug charges

A police department would be well-advised to screen very carefully those individuals it employs to take charge of the drug evidence that it seizes and keeps for presentation in court. One who performs that particular job must have a mentality that can rise above greed and other temptations. The issue arose recently when Louisiana state police arrested a 42-year-old trooper on drug charges and other offenses.

Car stopped for broken light: Louisiana gun, drug charges follow

It seems that many arrests for contraband start out with a car being pulled over for a non-operating tail or break light. The officer may then observe a weapon or drugs sitting in plain view. This justifies a search of the vehicle. That fairly common scenario occurred recently in Louisiana near the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe and led to drug charges and a gun violation against a Monroe man.

Man charged with a crime after altercation in French Quarter

Arrests and prosecutions for hate crimes are a growing phenomenon throughout the country. In Louisiana, it's a crime to commit an offense against person or property because of actual or perceived race, age, gender, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry. If a person does anything within that definition he or she is likely to be charged with a crime.

Physician accused of drug charges stops writing prescriptions

Because physicians have a license to prescribe controlled substances, they always face a risk of being accused of abusing the privilege. If a physician is too lenient in prescribing controlled drugs or if he is easily subject to manipulation by drug criminals, he can be duped or misled into committing criminal offenses. In Louisiana, a doctor who faces drug charges relating to the writing of prescriptions may face relinquishment of his prescription-writing privileges in addition to the possibility of other more serious punishment.

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