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Boyer v. Louisiana - an unfortunate but predictable decision from the US Supreme Court

the United States Supreme Court dismissed its earlier writ grant on the issue of whether or not Louisiana's failure to adequately fund indigent defense, which resulted in a delay of over five years in bringing a capital case to trial, should be weighed against the State for speedy trial purposes. a standard 5-4 split with a stinging dissent from justice Sotomayor. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdfr/11-9953_4h25.pdf

Man is charged with a crime of armed robbery of a bank

It's difficult to identify an armed robber who commits a bank robbery while wearing hooded clothing and a covering over his face. Sometimes it's difficult to see how the police are able to identify and arrest someone who leaves the bank without revealing any facial features. In Louisiana, the arrest of a man charged with a crime of armed robbery will require substantial evidence identifying the accused as the culprit.

Man arrested for white collar crime of using fake money in casino

Gambling at a casino with free money would be a lot of fun, but not where the ultimate winnings are an all-expenses-paid visit to state prison. A Louisiana man was arrested recently for white collar crime when he was caught trying to pawn off fake $100 dollar bills at the tables at the Boomtown Casino located in Harvey. He put up three $100 bills at a gaming table at the casino but was thwarted by an observant dealer who said that the bills felt 'funny'.

Man charged with a crime is absolved of murder by prosecutor

Reports and books abound these days regarding the high numbers of people that are wrongly accused of serious crime under our imperfect system of investigation and prosecution of crime. It is at least gratifying to see that a prosecutor in Louisiana has the integrity to admit when the wrong man has been charged with a crime. Unfortunately, the wrong man in this case spent some nine months in jail and suffered untold anguish under charges of first-degree murder while knowing that he was totally innocent of any involvement in the incident.

10 people arrested on drug charges in another Louisiana sweep

Another significant drug bust was reported by state authorities in the statewide effort against drugs called 'Operation Double Down'. The number of recent drug sweeps might indeed seem impressive in Louisiana if it wasn't obvious that large numbers of drug charges keep happening, day after day and year after year, but drug crime does not subside. In this sweep, ten persons were arrested in the Marksville and Alexandria areas on numerous charges relating to cocaine and crack cocaine.

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