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Personal assistants are arrested for fraud against Medicaid

It's regrettable that unlicensed personal care assistants who take care of handicapped and elderly persons in their homes sometimes take advantage of the situation and the vulnerability of the disabled patients. A slightly different deviation occurs when these assistants engage in Medicaid fraud by trying to submit time sheets for work not performed. This is what three Louisiana women are accused of doing in connection with their Medicaid-funded jobs as personal assistants to the disabled.

3 Louisiana men arrested for Internet solicitation of a minor

One of the most common stings is the setup of the unwary sex offender looking for underage woman on the internet. These arrests in Louisiana for Internet solicitation of a minor usually involve going to meet an undercover agent who represented herself to be an underage girl during Internet chats. The trap is so commonplace that you'd think it has played its course, but new offenders fall for it regularly without fail.

Law used to have immigrants charged with a crime is ruled invalid

Some laws are just too nasty to be overlooked by an independent judiciary. One such law was declared unconstitutional by a Louisiana Circuit Court Judge in a recent decision. The court struck down a Louisiana statute making it a felony for immigrants to drive without documents to prove they're legally in the United States. If they can't prove it, they are charged with a crime and given up to a year in prison.

Conviction on drug charges can be for selling real or fake drugs

It's a curious thing that the drug laws penalize a person not only for selling unlawful drugs, but also for selling what is supposed to be a drug but is in actuality a harmless inert powder. A Louisiana woman was recently arrested on so-called drug charges of 'false representation' of methamphetamine. The 35-year-old female sold a substance to undercover agents claiming it was methamphetamine, according to Louisiana State Police.

Man charged with a crime of wearing his pants below the waist

You may be familiar with a not-so-fashionable fad that some young people shared in recent years - they wore their pants low below the waist and sometimes show a bit of skin while still leaving something to the imagination. Hopefully, that passing trend has passed. However, a Louisiana man apparently believes it's still with us: he was confronted by police and told to raise his drawers. When he refused, the Shreveport police arrested him and he was charged with a crime that they call the wearing of pants below the waist in public.

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