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Police sweep nets 18 alleged street dealers on drug charges

Some of the jingles that the police come up with these days to tag their drug roundups sound like rock song titles or maybe wrestle-mania themes. Recently, a Louisiana drug net coined the name "Throwback -- Takedown" for a sweep in Opelousas that netted 18 arrests, mostly on drug charges. They started the raid dramatically by using a battering ram at 5:30 a.m. to break down the door to their first target.

Firefighters must present a criminal defense to cruelty charges

An extremely unusual criminal matter has come out of the Shreveport area. At least four firefighters at a Shreveport fire station have been arrested by Louisiana authorities and must present a criminal defense to charges of cruelty to the infirm relating to two mentally disabled men who hung out at the fire station. Apparently, all four are also charged with being a principal to prostitution in that they allegedly hired a prostitute for one of the disabled men.

Drug charges may have false investigative trails ordered by DEA

Most Americans seem to prefer ignoring charges of excessive government surveillance in favor of preserving a less challenging personal comfort zone. After all, the surveillance is intended to catch terrorists. We now learn that a secret unit of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is providing information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to agents in Louisiana and nationwide to engender criminal drug charges against Americans. This doesn't involve national security, but the agency nonetheless forbids reference to its involvement.

Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office makes invalid sex crimes arrests

For two years the Baton Rouge Sheriff has been in a time-warp that would qualify for inclusion in the Twilight Zone. The Sheriff has been sending his men out as undercover agents to solicit gay men for 'some drinks and some fun' at a public park, and then arresting them for sex crimes if they agree. The office acted under a Louisiana anti-sodomy law that it apparently didn't know was judicially determined to be unconstitutional and unenforceable over a decade ago.

Man arrested in serial robberies seeks criminal defense

The most likely theory as to why someone would commit a series of 15 armed robberies in a period of less than a year is that he has an unquenchable and overwhelming drug addiction. In Louisiana, police in Lake Charles have arrested a man who they allege is a serial armed robber. They say that they've suspected the man for the past several days and have been watching him since then. He's now in jail seriously looking for a criminal defense attorney to help him defend what could be at least 15 felony charges.

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