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Fraud charged where agent takes premiums but issues no policies

A licensed professional may be hit with two proceedings at one time where criminal activity is alleged. There may be a license suspension proceeding by a state administrative agency along with a simultaneous criminal prosecution in state court. That's happening with respect to a Louisiana insurance agent who is accused of fraud by the Louisiana Department of Insurance Fraud Division, including misappropriation of insurance premium funds and dishonest business practices.

Louisiana criminal defense: Boy accused of terrorizing classmates

The interrelationship between the virtual world and the real one continues to get more pervasive and complex in everyday life. A 15-year-old boy in Louisiana who says he was tired and frustrated from being bullied created a virtual mass shooting from a mobile game app to make it appear that he was gunning down his high school classmates. Now he faces criminal charges and must prepare a criminal defense.

Hearing on alcohol permits ends with suspect arrest for fraud

When someone can't get a license for an alcohol permit, he or she may improperly get another person to act as the owner. This is called using a "straw party" to create a shield to allow the real owner to continue in control. This was one of the issues involved at a Louisiana administrative hearing before an Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner regarding the alcohol permits of several Gentilly area gas station convenience stores. The hearing turned into a 10-hour round-robin jumble of issues dealing with the alleged fraud activities of basically one man and his ex-wife, who were prohibited from having any alcohol licenses due to the man's felony firearm and cocaine convictions.

Fraud charges: 3 took funds but didn't give full home care?

Medicaid fraud can come in various forms and schemes. In Baton Rouge, a Medicaid fraud scheme was announced by the Louisiana Attorney General's Office allegedly involving hundreds of thousands in benefits converted by three family members of the disabled beneficiary of the funds. Authorities arrested two females and a male on charges of conspiring to present false claims to the Medicaid program and then not rendering the services that were billed.

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