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Louisiana woman admitted guilt in fraud charges

A Louisiana mother who was attempting to ensure that her daughter received federal monetary assistance for college has received her sentence from a federal court judge. The woman, who admitted that she committed fraud in connection with her daughter's aid application, was given a period of probation for her crime. The mother has already made significant financial amends for her crime.

Louisiana man suspected of Internet crimes with a minor

A Louisiana man who police believe to have committed Internet solicitation of a minor has recently been arrested and charged with multiple crimes related to this accusation. Louisiana police has supposedly been investigating Internet crimes in this state, which lead them to arrest the suspected man. If -- and only if -- convicted, the man could face a large amount of jail time.

Louisiana man charged with a crime -- armed bank robbery

Police recently arrested a Louisiana man and charged him with bank robbery. He is now behind bars after police allege that he stole $14,000 from a Louisiana bank. The chief of police for the town where the arrest took place appeared at a press conference to announce that the suspect had been apprehended on Oct. 7. The man was arrested at approximately 8 p.m on Friday, Oct. 4. Individuals who are charged with a crime such as bank robbery could face a lengthy jail sentence if convicted; therefore, it is wise for them to prepare a strategic legal defense that will either get their charges dropped or reduce their punishment in the event they are convicted.

38 sex crime charges filed against 25-year-old man

Compulsive sexual offenses can keep an individual incarcerated for lengthy periods depending on the frequency, severity and circumstances of the situation. The first thing that criminal defense counsel must do is determine whether the sex crime charges are correct and supported by substantial evidence. In Louisiana as in any other state this requires an intensive review of the facts with the accused. If a viable defense exists, then counsel will prepare for a trial or in some instances, file the appropriate motion to dismiss based on a legal infirmity that prohibits the prosecution.

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