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28-year-old Louisiana man arrested on drug charges

When an individual is arrested, it can have dramatic consequences on his or her life. Even if one succeeds in getting the charges dropped or dismissed, the simple act of being arrested and accused of a crime can damage a person's reputation and interrupt his or her employment. Drug charges in particular can be very detrimental to the reputations of an accused individual.

21 people arrested in Louisiana for drug charges

On Friday, Nov. 15, a total of 21 different arrests were made by drug agents while they conducted a raid at a Louisiana hotel. In total, Louisiana State Police made 14 felony arrests and seven misdemeanor arrests during the incident. The people arrested will face drug charges, among other criminal allegations.

2 Louisiana juveniles arrested on drug charges

When drug charges are brought against Louisiana residents, they come with the threat of punishments such as probation, community service and/or jail time. For this reason, it is important that anyone accused of drug charges takes those allegations seriously while defending themselves in court. Fortunately, a lot can be done to improve an individual's legal situation by employing various criminal defense techniques in the state of Louisiana.

Teacher charged with a crime for slapping disabled student

This case involves the question of what degree of physical force a teacher can exercise over a disabled child with cerebral palsy. A 50-year-old female elementary school teacher in Baton Rouge was arrested and charged with a crime under Louisiana law involving battery with respect to the infirm. This happened after a video taken with a cellphone surfaced that depicted her slapping the wheelchair-bound child. Her criminal defense attorney claims that the act is being taken out of context and that his client did nothing wrong.

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