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Louisiana sex crimes case set for retrial

No Louisiana resident ever expects to be arrested and accused of sex crimes. Nevertheless, sex crimes accusations can happen to anyone, regardless of whether they are guilty. Such accusations can arise many years after the alleged event is said to have occurred. Also, a previous conviction could be overturned by a higher court for any number of reasons, and the individual could face re-indictment and retrial for the same accusations.

Louisiana sex crimes: Convict faces new charges after prison term

When it comes to sexual offenses, the justice system is very strict. One Louisiana man understands just how much so, as he recently completed a 21-year prison term for sex crimes he committed many years ago. Unfortunately, he is now back on the radar of the criminal justice system after a 10-year-old girl alleged that he attempted to sexually assault her.

$75k paid to Louisiana man for false drug possession charge

Recently, a man was paid $75,000 by the city of New Orleans to settle his federal complaint against the city. In his lawsuit, he alleged that he was falsely arrested by New Orleans police officers on a drug possession charge back in 2011. However, according to the lawsuit, one of the officers who filed the police report was not even present at the time.

Louisiana woman arrested on drug charges

When police come knocking on the window of a Louisiana resident's car and they decide to search the vehicle, it can result in one's arrest if contraband items are found. Recently, a Louisiana woman was taken to jail by police after they searched a vehicle parked outside a home in Hineston. Allegedly, they found controlled substances inside the vehicle and proceeded to arrest the woman on drug charges.

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