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5 arrested on drug charges in Louisiana narcotics raid

A Louisiana drug bust has resulted in the arrest of two women and three men. The late-night incident was carried out by the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office and agents from the North Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau. The individuals who were arrested in the bust will now face a variety of drug charges in court.

Louisiana man charged with possession with intent to distribute

New Orleans police have apprehended a man on drug charges. Authorities allege that the Louisiana man had been selling large quantities of drugs in the New Orleans Central Business District. The 29-year-old man will now have to face charges of drug possession with intent to distribute.

Former NFL football player wanted in Louisiana for sex crimes

Louisiana residents who are accused of crimes in another state could be extradited to that state to face the charges. Similarly, if a person is pulled over for a minor traffic offense in another state, and police discover that he or she is wanted for sex crimes in Louisiana, then the individual may be extradited back to Louisiana. This is precisely what could happen to a former NFL player who is facing rape accusations in two states.

Louisiana man faces drug possession charge

In the state of Louisiana and throughout the United States, any individual who is accused of a crime will remain innocent of the allegations unless proven to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law. Our legal system operates in this matter in order to protect the innocent from being wrongly accused of crimes. It also gives people who are accused of a crime, like a drug possession charge or other violations, the ability to shed light on their version of the facts relating to their case before a jury of their peers.

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