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Cop faces sex crime charges in Louisiana

Police officers usually have the best interests of the public in mind when upholding the law. They are also usually law-abiding citizens in their personal lives as well. However, police officers are also human and are therefore prone to mistakes and imperfections. This may have been the case for one police officer in Louisiana who is now facing sex crime charges.

Man faces drug charges involving meth, marijuana

A person can feel discomfited after being charged with drug crimes and may not know what steps they should take. Although being arrested can be an unforgettably terrible experience, a Louisiana resident does have options to pursue as a case proceeds. One man in our state was recently arrested on drug charges as well as charges related to other crimes.

Louisiana detective charged with a crime, later dismissed

Recently, a local detective was arrested for attempted murder. In addition, he was also accused of committing an act of domestic violence that may have occurred between himself and an ex. After being charged with a crime, the Louisiana officer was taken off of his regular assignments and temporarily placed on desk duty.

Woman facing drug charges, accused of selling to teens

When an individual is accused of a drug-related crime, a series of events is set into place immediately. It is absolutely critical to address the issues associated with drug charges at once, and to take an aggressive legal stance in the matter. Failure to do so can lead to a wide range of legal ramifications, many of which can change the course of a Louisiana resident’s life.

Oil executive may require more criminal defense in court

Authorities have certain rights when investigating potential crimes. The law is designed to ensure that investigating authorities have access to accurate information. Those who intentionally mislead investigators can face serious legal consequences and can be charged with a crime. The former executive of an oil company could be forced to continue his criminal defense efforts if he is charged with obstruction of a federal investigation in Louisiana.

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