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Louisiana psychiatrist convicted on Medicare fraud charges

A 56-year-old Baton Rouge psychiatrist was convicted of Medicare fraud Aug. 25 and will be spending seven years in prison. He has also been ordered to pay $43.5 million in restitution and forfeit all proceeds that were generated as a result of his fraudulent scheme that totaled more than $258 million. According to a Department of Justice news release, the psychiatrist had been admitting mentally ill patients for inappropriate programs, after which he would re-certify their appropriateness, allowing him to continue billing Medicare.

Woman faces drug possession charge in Louisiana

No one likes to be accused of doing something wrong, particularly if it can result in serious consequences and a bad reputation. If a person faces criminal drug charges in Louisiana, these charges must be proved in court beyond a reasonable doubt. Failing that, no conviction is possible. One woman in our state currently faces a drug possession charge in addition to being accused of committing traffic violations.

Representation an urgent need for attempted murder charges

When an individual is charged with a serious crime, one of the first things that should be addressed is securing solid legal counsel. Louisiana courts take violent crime very seriously, and rightfully so. When an individual is accused of such a crime, the legal response needs to be swift, targeted and well-executed. A prime example lies in the case of a man recently charged with attempted murder. Without the proper legal representation, he could face severe punitive measures in the event of a conviction.

Did discipline lead this man to be charged with a crime?

Louisiana readers may be aware of a recent case in which a man has been accused of abusing two teenage girls in Okaloosa Island. The case has led to widespread media coverage of the incident, including photos of the man who was arrested. As he prepares to respond to the charges against him, the story has some debating whether their own discipline measures could possibly lead them to be charged with a crime.

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