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Several different drugs found in hotel room

A search of a hotel room in Louisiana resulted in two men receiving charges for drug possession on Oct. 22. After the search was executed at the hotel room in Amelia, the 23- and 24-year-old occupants of the room were both taken into custody and booked at St. Mary Parish Jail on various drug charges.

Man taken into custody on a drug charge in Louisiana

A bus heading eastbound on Interstate 12 in Baton Rouge was pulled over at 2:15 a.m. on Oct. 16 for a traffic violation. While the bus was stopped, a K-9 Narcotics unit searched its luggage cargo section as drugs are frequently smuggled on the type of bus that was stopped. According to the police, several candles that had meth mixed in with the wax were discovered.

Louisiana man accused of marijuana-related crime

Authorities recently reported that law enforcement officials took a Morehouse Parish man into custody on a drug-related charge. Working with North Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau Agents, investigators with the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office allegedly discovered 42 Xanax pills and 50 grams of marijuana at a property in Morehouse Parish.

Louisiana man handed new drug charges while on probation

Ascension Parish Sheriff's deputies detained a 26-year-old man on multiple drug charges after a recent drug operation conducted by law enforcement officials. According to the APSO, detectives searched the man's vehicle and Gonzales home and found marijuana and a handgun. Deputies took him into custody at around 1 a.m. on Oct. 8, reportedly.

What is the purpose of Louisiana registry for sex offenders?

Because the state legislature realizes that repeat offenses are significant possibilities with those who have been convicted of sex crimes or as child predators, the Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry has been developed to protect individuals through the availability of public information. Without effective information about known offenders, the efforts of law officers to investigate allegations and protect their communities can be hindered. When public safety is an issue, the registry can be important in locating and questioning possible perpetrators of crimes.

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