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Former NFL player to plead guilty in sex crimes case

Louisiana sports fans may recall the career of Darren Sharper, who was a former safety for the Saints. Sharper, now 39 years of age, is making current headlines over multiple sex crimes charges, some of which originate in Louisiana. He is expected to plead guilty to some of those charges in a plea arrangement. The matter is complicated due to the fact that the charges against Sharper include four different states, as well as drug distribution charges at the federal level.

Former office manager faces fraud charges in Louisiana

When a company hires an office manager, one of the main characteristics for which management looks is integrity. After all, when a person is responsible for a company's payroll, he or she needs to be honest. A current lawsuit in the 24th Judicial District Court in Louisiana involves a financial group that has accused a former office manager of being anything but honest. In fact, she is now charged with fraud.

Man charged with a crime, facing extradition

Louisiana readers have likely heard or seen media coverage of the high-profile arrest of a man accused of multiple murders as well as two lesser charges. The 71-year old man is currently being held in the Orleans Parish prison, awaiting an extradition hearing. In many cases in which an individual is charged with a crime, multiple jurisdictions are involved and the criminal defense strategy becomes more complex.

Criminal defense turns into civil rights lawsuits

Louisiana readers may be shocked to hear of a case in which it is alleged that respected members of the Washington Parish community are accused of using their positions of power to take advantage of one local man. The case began with the man in need of criminal defense against accusations of intimidating a witness, simple battery and obstruction of justice. Now, however, some of the accusers are themselves facing a federal civil rights suit.

2 men charged with a crime against nature

Many readers are aware that there are a range of outdated and unusual laws on the books in Louisiana and many other states. From time to time a legal matter that highlights these laws is brought to the attention of the public. One such event recently took place after two men were arrested and charged with a crime against nature.

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