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Trial begins in Louisiana film industry fraud case

The state of Louisiana has been actively working to develop filmmaking as a viable industry. Part of those efforts have included generous tax credits and other incentives for those who are willing to invest in building the infrastructure needed to support a thriving filmmaking community within the area. Multiple businesses and individuals have signed on for such projects, and have reaped the rewards offered. However, authorities believe that not all of these efforts have been made in good faith, and one group is being accused of fraud in connection with filmmaking tax credits in a trial currently before the court.

Louisiana executive accused of white collar crime

Many Louisiana readers are familiar with the company Knight Oil Tools, which has been in business since 1972. The company provides rental and fishing tools to customers around the world. Knight Oil Tools has been in the news recently over allegations that one of the company's executives hired several men to plant drugs in the vehicle of another executive, who also happens to be the man's brother. He now stands accused of the white collar crime of racketeering, and was recently arrested and booked.

Guard charged with a crime after prisoner escapes

Louisiana residents have likely heard news coverage of the escape of a prisoner who is believed to be a danger to anyone with whom he comes in contact. The case has a number of unusual aspects, not the least of which is the assertion that one of the guards tasked with containing the prisoner acted to help him escape. The case has left that guard charged with a crime in connection to the escape.

Drug charges follow raid on Louisiana home

In the state of Louisiana, law enforcement and the courts treat drug crimes very seriously. A great deal of harm comes to area residents by way of the drug trade and drug addiction, which makes addressing these matters a priority. Being convicted on drug charges comes with serious punitive repercussions, and those who stand accused of drug-related crimes must take immediate and aggressive legal action.

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