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Widespread raids lead to numerous drug charges

The sale and manufacture of illegal drugs is a serious social problem, and one that Louisiana courts and law enforcement take very seriously. That said, when large-scale drug raids are conducted, there are inevitably mistakes that will be made. Often, innocent people are swept up during these crime sweeps and enter into the frightening and frustrating legal process. Such may be the case for some of the nearly 300 individuals who either have been or are expected to be arrested on drug charges in a recent law enforcement action.

Many arrested during insurance fraud crackdown

A number of independent investigations conducted by Louisiana authorities have resulted in the recent arrest of 34 individuals accused of committing insurance fraud. The arrests were made with the cooperation of the Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud/Auto Theft Unit, the state's Department of Insurance and the Attorney General's office. Many of the cases that were under investigation centered on a type of insurance fraud known as "jump-in" auto crashes.

Louisiana man accused of serious sex crimes

When a child is harmed, law enforcement and the court system takes the matter very seriously, and rightfully so. Children must be protected, and no one would argue that there should not be repercussions for those in Louisiana who would act to harm a child. However, it is important for readers to understand that not every accusation of wrongdoing leads to a conviction, and that many individuals who are accused of sex crimes against minors are ultimately found not guilty.

Should women be charged with a crime when newborns die?

A controversial piece of proposed legislation has raised a great deal of debate in Louisiana about the proper course of action when a fetus is killed or injured when a pregnant woman uses drugs. The sponsor of the bill, Gerald Long, pulled the proposed legislation, acknowledging that there were problems with the bill that should be addressed before the matter moves forward. Should the bill come back into play in future legislative sessions, women who abuse drugs while pregnant could be charged with a crime.

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