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Criminal Defense: 3 Teens arrested after alleged armed carjacking

When individuals are behind bars and facing criminal charges, they will likely be considering their options. Obtaining legal counsel to handle the criminal defense may be the most appropriate step. Three Louisiana residents found themselves in such circumstances after their recent arrest near the French Quarter.

Justice Dept, FBI looking for motive in post-election incidents

There was galling news from the FBI this week: 2015 saw a shocking 67-percent increase in hate crimes against Muslims. Meanwhile, following the election on Nov. 8, civil rights groups have reported a number of incidents ranging from harassment to attacks against Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities as well as against Trump supporters.

Financial preparedness essential before filing for divorce

Making a decision to end a marriage may be difficult, but many more decisions will follow before it is all over. When thinking of divorce, the first things many Louisiana people may consider are child custody and property division, but there are many more things with which to deal. As soon as the intention to file for divorce is announced to family and friends, be assured that there will be no shortage of advice -- often from complete strangers. However, no two marriages or divorces are the same, and what worked for others were likely unique to their circumstances.

How accurate is eyewitness testimony?

Many people take for granted that eyewitness testimony is factual, truthful and sufficient to make or break the case for the defendant. It may include identification of the suspect or details of the crime scene itself. It may be important in a matter involving an animal - a dog bite case, for example. However, questions surround the accuracy of eyewitness testimony because of the way human memory works. The expertise of the person who interviewed the eyewitness may also be questionable.

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