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Examples of document falsification

Document falsification is a serious matter. Someone convicted of this act could face heavy fines or years of imprisonment, possibly both. There are many ways to falsify documents. For instance, if you answer questions on a form by providing false information or use company letterhead without authorization, you could run afoul of the law. Forging a signature comes under this category as does the act of altering, concealing or destroying records.

Is who gets the pets, the biggest struggle in your divorce?

Pets, like children, crawl deep into the hearts of their "parents" and soon become part of the family in many Louisiana homes. Often in cases of divorce or separation, pets become one of the points of contention and may spark the question -- who gets custody? Legally pets are considered as property, like all other possessions.

Drug charges pending after undercover sting ends in shootout

A Louisiana man was hospitalized after a shooting incident with law enforcement on a recent Tuesday afternoon. According to the Louisiana State Police, the victim's injuries were not life threatening. The incident reportedly followed an undercover operation in which officers wanted to secure evidence to file drug charges.

Understanding juvenile brains and criminal behavior

Factors such as genes, the environment and experiences of childhood all influence the kind of behavior a young person exhibits. In addition, scientists have been using the latest technologies to study the growth of the brain from birth to adulthood. Their research has found that in many important ways, the brain of a teen does not resemble that of an adult until he or she reaches the early twenties.

Drug charges follow driver's crash into bridge barriers

A 37-year-old Louisiana man was arrested after a police chase on LA 384 on a recent Tuesday morning. He is now facing several drug charges. Sheriff's deputies reported that they had two arrest warrants for the man, and they had a house under surveillance in their efforts to locate his whereabouts.

Shared emotions may ease the trauma of divorce

When marriages end, it is only natural for those involved to be emotional. Even the most amicable divorce can be a challenge to navigate. However, there are ways in which individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere can ease the trauma typically associated with divorce. The most difficult of all might be the advice to leave emotions at the door when engaging in divorce negotiations.

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