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Drunk driving: Motorcyclist accused of violently resisting arrest

When police officers arrest any Louisiana driver for suspicion of being impaired, the consequences can have a severe effect on that person's life. A 41-year old Louisiana motorcyclist was recently booked into a correctional center on several charges related to drunk driving. His bond was set at $8,150. An arrest affidavit indicates that West Monroe police received reports of a motorcycle rider who appeared to be intoxicated on a recent Sunday evening.

Divorce: What happens to parental rights if incarcerated?

Incarceration in prison can jeopardize the chances of a continued relationship between a Louisiana parent and his or her children. The law typically protects parental rights after a divorce, but a parent in jail loses most of those rights. Although that person will still be regarded as a parent, his or her involvement in parenting can be compromised.

Criminal defense: Uber driver accused of robbing for crack money

Police say a 45-year-old man who was reportedly incarcerated by the Louisiana Department of Corrections until the beginning of last November recently admitted to robbing gas stations, He allegedly claimed that his crack cocaine addiction drove him to do it. Typically, the best strategy after an arrest is to seek the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can start building the defense immediately. This will give the lawyer time to understand the underlying facts and gather more details related to the case.

Criminal defense: Counterfeit charges filed against Louisiana man

Businesses nationwide, including in Louisiana, are always concerned about the use of counterfeit money. Such vigilance by a store owner led to the arrest of a man who is now facing several charges. He and his legal counsel are likely focused on preparing a comprehensive criminal defense to the charges.

Skilled criminal defense required for multiple charges

Whenever a Louisiana resident faces a criminal charge, the first concern of the accused person will likely be the defense options. An arrest does not mean the accused person is guilty, and he or she will remain innocent until -- and if -- the prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. One person that is likely seeking experienced legal counsel to handle his criminal defense is a 55-year-old Ball man who is facing a long list of charges.

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