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Drunk driving suspected after Louisiana accident injures several

Most people are aware of the potential distractions that a driver can face. While many include cell phones or passengers, some people in Louisiana might overlook the fact that potential distractions can also occur outside of a vehicle. For example, one man has recently been arrested after police say his pickup truck crashed into a crowd of people observing a Mardi Gras parade. The driver is suspected of drunk driving.

Louisiana veterinarian likely focused on criminal defense

Horse racing can be a serious business with a great deal of money at stake. Unfortunately, one veterinarian in Louisiana has been accused of attempting to fix races. He now faces federal charges after authorities claimed he played a role in illegal treatment given to horses prior to races. He is likely considering his criminal defense after a recent indictment.

Criminal defense: Father and son charged with gas pump fraud

Anybody who is arrested and charged with criminal offenses in Louisiana will face the full wrath of the law. The most appropriate step to take under such circumstances might be to explore criminal defense options. A father and his son from another state were arrested in the early morning hours of a recent Thursday after a traffic stop allegedly revealed evidence of gas pump fraud.

Drug charges filed after seizure of narcotics valued $1.7 million

No less than nine law enforcement agencies were involved in a recent investigation that led to the arrest of a Louisiana man. A 37-year-old Alexandria man is facing drug charges after the discovery of illegal narcotics in his car and elsewhere. The drug bust involves narcotics with an estimated street value of $1.7 million.

You are innocent until proven guilty

If you read the Bill of Rights, you will see the phrase "innocent until proven guilty," a concept that has endured since the 18th century. It ensures that any American citizen charged with a crime will receive a fair trial. The founding fathers established a structure meant to keep the government from abusing its power and ensure that individuals receive due process of law. The Constitution sets forth certain protections for anyone accused of a crime as well as requirements that must be met before that person can be convicted.

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