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3 people in Louisiana face drug charges

Police officers have difficult jobs. They are tasked with the important responsibility of removing illegal drugs from the streets. Many are committed to their responsibility, but while they seek to achieve this goal, they must also ensure that their efforts do not violate the rights of those they suspect of being involved with illegal drugs. Three people in Louisiana are likely each conferring with a criminal defense attorney to review their case. A lawyer can focus on ensuring that all applicable legal rights are honored with regard to the pending drug charges.

Louisiana man's focus turns to criminal defense following arrest

It is natural for disagreements to occur in everyday life. Misunderstandings or differences of opinions can quickly lead to a heated debate and potential conflict. Unfortunately, police in Louisiana claim that a recent dispute between two men led to a shooting. One of the men, who is likely now preparing his criminal defense, was arrested.

Louisiana woman charged with drunk driving after accident

Those who are disabled on Louisiana highways can face certain dangers. Anything can happen while disabled on a roadside for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, police say that one woman is suspected of drunk driving with respect to a recent crash that led to a fatality.

Louisiana man likely considering criminal defense after charge

Social media has changed the way that people communicate and live their lives. It allows people to stay in touch with one another or even meet new people. Unfortunately, police believe that a Louisiana man used social media to solicit pornographic images from minors. He is likely focused on his criminal defense following his arrest.

6 quick actions to take if a dog bites you

If you have been wary of a neighborhood dog, you might have good reason. Careless dog owners often allow their pets to roam free, and big dogs, especially, can raise alarm bells in your mind as well as the hackles of other dogs. Be aware that there are dangerous dog laws in the state of Louisiana. If you have been the victim of an unprovoked canine attack, there are six steps you should immediately take following the incident.

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