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Louisiana police officer fired following drunk driving claim

It seems that the news is filled with negative reports about police officers these days. Police departments in various areas of the country are left facing a public image crisis that can quickly lead to national scrutiny. As a result, departments may be hasty to separate themselves when an officer faces criminal accusations. For example, an officer in Louisiana was recently terminated after she was accused of drunk driving.

Do you have to submit to a roadside breath test?

Maybe cops pulled you over after you left a party and the officer has asked if you were drinking. Perhaps you've gotten stuck in a roadblock enforcement effort. Whatever the reason, suddenly a law enforcement officer is asking you to submit to both field sobriety tests and breath test to determine if you are violating Louisiana driving laws.

Criminal defense: Louisiana bar fight results in murder charge

Conflict can happen between two people for a variety of different reasons. However, when alcohol is involved, the dispute can quickly escalate. Unfortunately, police have accused one Louisiana man of murder following a fight at a bar that allegedly resulted in a fatality. The accused man is likely focused on his criminal defense options following his recent arrest.

Man faces drug charges, among others, following Louisiana crash

The loss of a life is always a tragedy, regardless of the circumstances. An accident involving a fatality deserves a thorough investigation to determine its exact cause to ensure justice for victims. However, not all accidents in Louisiana are the result of criminal behavior. Unfortunately, a young man in Louisiana now faces drug charges, among many others, following a recent fatal crash.

Woman accused of drunk driving in Louisiana after fatal crash

Car accidents happen every day for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, some accidents result in criminal charges, leaving people in Louisiana wondering about their legal options. One woman in Louisiana is likely in such a situation after she was arrested for drunk driving.

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