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Louisiana man faces drug charges following complaint

Most people in Louisiana and across the country are likely aware that the United States Constitution names several rights that can not be violated, even if the person is suspected of committing a crime. However, those with little experience with the criminal justice system may not be fully aware of all the protections this document provides. As a result, people facing drug charges, among other criminal accusations, may be unaware of the best ways to ensure that their rights are protected as they go through the criminal justice system or appropriately respond should unlawful action occur.

Criminal defense: Man arrested following Louisiana Walmart fires

Police and stores often rely on video surveillance footage to identify people who are suspected of committing a crime. However, anyone who has ever seen this footage likely knows that it is difficult to recognize those featured in it. Regardless, many arrests are made this way. One man in Louisiana is likely considering his criminal defense -- including potentially questioning images taken from such footage that were released  -- after he was arrested on arson and theft charges.

2 friends arrested for drunk driving in Louisiana

Many people in Louisiana have very close friendships and know of the sacrifices that friends are often willing to make for each other. In some circumstances, friends will do anything they can to help another out, even if it comes at a huge inconvenience to themselves. Unfortunately, police in Louisiana claim that two people were arrested for drunk driving after a woman allegedly drove under the influence of alcohol to bail out someone arrested earlier.

Criminal defense: 2 arrested after death at party in Louisiana

When there is some sort of medical incident, people without medical training often struggle to determine the severity of the issue. For example, if a person is drinking and consuming drugs and becomes unconscious, it may be difficult to determine if there is some sort of medical emergency happening. Unfortunately, two people have recently been arrested after police say a man died following a night of partying in Louisiana, likely leaving the two people wondering about their criminal defense.

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