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Wife, hospitalized husband face drug charges in Louisiana

The process surrounding the criminal justice system is often complex, requiring a great deal of legal education and experience to successfully navigate. Unfortunately, most people facing criminal charges do not have the necessary knowledge to recognize unlawful treatment or respond to charges. For example, two people in Louisiana may be experiencing a great deal of uncertainty now that they face drug charges following an incident in a hospital.

How to talk to kids about underage DUI

Although Louisiana implements numerous safety measures, including sobriety checkpoints and ignition interlocks, numerous people lose their lives to drunk driving every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 3,000 people died as a result of a drunk driver in Louisiana between 2003 and 2012. That does not include the number of people who suffer injuries. 

Criminal defense: Surveillance footage leads to Louisiana charges

People in Louisiana often assume that a single mistake in a person's life is a precedent for the rest of their choices. For example, if a person is convicted of a crime, it is easy for many to assume that he or she will continue with a life of crime even though many are able to turn their lives around. Unfortunately, a man who was previously convicted of a felony is being sought after police say surveillance footage showed him trespassing; he will likely soon be considering his criminal defense as a result of the charges he faces.

Louisiana teen faces drug charges following search

At this time of year, teenagers around the country have turned their focus onto organizing school supplies and understanding syllabuses. However, one teenager in Louisiana is likely more concerned about his criminal defense than his test dates. He was recently arrested and faces multiple drug charges following a search of his home.

Criminal defense unclear following Louisiana murder charge

When a family member passes away, it is understandable that surviving family members want to understand why the loss occurred. If they believe that the loss was the result of someone else's actions, a desire for justice is also understandable. However, making assumptions about an incident without a full understanding of the circumstances could prevent justice from being served. Unfortunately, a teenager in Louisiana is likely considering his criminal defense after he was accused of murder.

Man charged with drunk driving after Louisiana crash

While most people have likely been warned about the dangers of making assumptions, the fact is that every person does it -- likely several times in a single day. While most assumptions are relatively innocuous, some made by law enforcement officials could potentially lead to criminal charges, such as assuming that a car accident involving a young driver was the result of alcohol or drugs. A man recently charged with drunk driving in Louisiana is likely wondering what evidence supports the charges against him.

3 things to do if your wife gets a restraining order against you

While restraining orders are great tools for victims of harassment or domestic violence, unfortunately people can abuse them. If you are going through a highly contentious divorce, your wife may issue a restraining order against you. This can be a devastating development. What should you do if she wrongly brings a restraining order against you?

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