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Louisiana driver accused of drunk driving, assault

For those who have never been involved in a car accident, it may be difficult to predict how a person might respond. Unfortunately, with the adrenaline that is often associated with such a moment, a person recently involved in a crash could react unpredictably. In fact, a man in Louisiana is now accused of drunk driving after he allegedly failed to stop for an off-duty police officer.

Louisiana police chief's wife arrested for drunk driving

A woman, alone, late at night is likely understandably apprehensive about a strange man approaching her vehicle. Despite justifiable wariness in a situation such as this, one police officer in Louisiana claims that a woman attempted to run him over after he approached her vehicle in a parking lot. The woman -- the wife of the village police chief -- was soon arrested, accused of drunk driving.

Thoughtfully crafted prenup can ease risks in a divorce

Though it seems counterintuitive, a prenuptial agreement can actually provide a framework for a healthy relationship. If the marriage does not last, then an existing agreement can help eliminate the risks that a spouse can face during a divorce. In spite of the negative connotation associated with a prenup, Louisiana residents who have one in place may have a peace-of-mind advantage.

Guiding clients through divorce in Louisiana

When a couple chooses to marry, they do so with the intention that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, some in Louisiana ultimately come to the conclusion that they are no longer compatible. However, even when couples are in agreement that a divorce is the best possible outcome, strong emotions are often involved in the process.

Louisiana criminal defense: Arrests made after botched drug deal

Social media has significantly changed how people in Louisiana and across the world interact with one another. While it is a great tool to maintain contact with friends and loved ones who may live far away, it can have its drawbacks as well. Unfortunately, police claim that a drug deal arranged on social media has now left multiple people considering their criminal defense.

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