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Criminal defense next for woman accused of stealing from elderly

Families with elderly loved ones sometimes enlist the help of a caretaker to provide health care in the home. However, if there is a mishap in the residence, the family may automatically point the blame at the hired help. A Louisiana woman was recently accused of stealing jewelry and forging checks belonging to the family who hired her. As she waits to appear in court, she is likely considering her criminal defense options.

3 tips for talking to your teen about drug abuse

Drug abuse among teens is a serious issue. Thankfully, if you talk openly and honestly with your teen about substance abuse, he or she is less likely to suffer from addiction. If you want to prevent your child from using drugs in the future, or if you suspect it is already happening, the best thing to do is to have a thoughtful discussion about the subject.

Criminal defense next for man accused of killing on Facebook live

It's not uncommon for a couple to fight, many times over trivial issues. However, there are some fights that escalate into violence in the heat of passion. During such a moment, an action may be taken that normally may not have occurred if tempers were not flared. For one Louisiana man, he is likely considering his criminal defense options as he is facing murder charges after allegedly killing his partner in the heat of a moment.

Drug charges follow after alleged undercover investigation

There are times when one can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Regardless if the individual is not involved in illegal activity, often he or she can be assumed guilty just by association. Recently, six people were arrested in Louisiana after what authorities say was a month-long undercover narcotics investigation.  At least two of the six arrested are now facing drug charges.

Woman accused of injuring 5 due to drunk driving

There can be many reasons for a motor-vehicle accident to occur. Weather, distraction or driver error should all be considered as factors in determining the cause of a collision. Recently, a Louisiana woman was arrested after injuring five pedestrians while driving. According to law enforcement, she was drunk driving at the time of the incident.

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