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Armed robbery suspect has a right to a criminal defense

Witness accounts and descriptions are frequently used to apprehend suspects in Louisiana. Just because a person who is apprehended appears to match a description provided by a witness does not preclude that person from the legal protections available to all those accused of a crime, including the presumption of innocence. The suspect has a right to a criminal defense.

Always check your handbag for a gun before flying

Plenty of Louisiana residents love to exercise their Second Amendment rights, but you need to make sure you do not have a gun on your person when you go through TSA at the airport. It is worth reiterating the point, especially after the season finale of the hit show, Atlanta, which saw the lead character, Earn, accidentally bring a gun in his backpack before his flight. 

Months long investigation leads to multiple drug charges

When a investigation over the course of a number of months leads to an arrest, those being charged with a crime may be confused and unsure of what to do. When an arrest leads to drug charges in Louisiana, the person may also be scared. The officer making the arrest is doing his or her job. Once a person is charged, he or she may benefit from legal counsel.

Criminal defense for man accused of shooting toward SWAT team

When under pressure or emotionally distressed, an individual can make regrettable actions. Sometimes the action can lead to legal trouble, potentially causing more anxiety for the individual. One Louisiana man is facing attempted murder charges after an altercation with police that stemmed from what authorities say was a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend. As he waits to appear in court, he is likely considering his criminal defense options.

Criminal defense: Woman accused of $70K in fraudulent charges

Working in an organization that receives large amounts of money can be daunting to handle properly. Like many organizations, sometimes mistakes are made, and money is misplaced or not tracked correctly. One Louisiana woman is now facing criminal charges after being accused of stealing from her place of employment. As she confronts the accusations, she is likely considering her criminal defense options.

Woman accused of killing woman in drunk driving accident

Accidents occur every day, often caused by distracted drivers. Cell phones, eating on the go, children fighting in the back seat, or falling asleep at the wheel are all factors that need to be examined in an accident. However, a Louisiana woman is now facing drunk driving and other serious criminal charges after a recent pedestrian accident in what authorities claim as an intentional hit-and-run.

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