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Too much affection or lack thereof: Either may lead to divorce

Just about the only thing one can say with any certainty about marriage is that no two relationships are exactly the same. No matter how many books are written on how to keep relationships alive, however, it is impossible to predict which Louisiana marriages will last a lifetime and which will end in divorce. Several authors and relationship analysts recently discussed the issue and they believe there are various signs that suggest a particular marriage may have problems at some point.  

Thoughtfully crafted prenup can ease risks in a divorce

Though it seems counterintuitive, a prenuptial agreement can actually provide a framework for a healthy relationship. If the marriage does not last, then an existing agreement can help eliminate the risks that a spouse can face during a divorce. In spite of the negative connotation associated with a prenup, Louisiana residents who have one in place may have a peace-of-mind advantage.

Guiding clients through divorce in Louisiana

When a couple chooses to marry, they do so with the intention that they will spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, some in Louisiana ultimately come to the conclusion that they are no longer compatible. However, even when couples are in agreement that a divorce is the best possible outcome, strong emotions are often involved in the process.

Debt division during a divorce

When most people in Louisiana make the difficult decision to end their marriage, they are likely aware of several of the difficult decisions that must be made. These decisions typically involve spousal and child support as well as asset division. However, many couples seeking a divorce often struggle to decide who will be responsible for debt.

Supreme Court overturns decision regarding disability in divorce

Often, couples in Louisiana make the decision to end their marriage after they have spent many years together. For military couples, it may be especially difficult for a spouse to be employed -- should he or she choose -- because of the need to move every few years, making it difficult to contribute to retirement savings. However, former spouses are likely entitled to a portion of retirement benefits from the other spouse under certain circumstances. The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that settled a hotly contested issue regarding the division of military disability following a divorce when a former spouse was awarded a share of her husband's retirement pay.

Divorce: What happens to parental rights if incarcerated?

Incarceration in prison can jeopardize the chances of a continued relationship between a Louisiana parent and his or her children. The law typically protects parental rights after a divorce, but a parent in jail loses most of those rights. Although that person will still be regarded as a parent, his or her involvement in parenting can be compromised.

Is who gets the pets, the biggest struggle in your divorce?

Pets, like children, crawl deep into the hearts of their "parents" and soon become part of the family in many Louisiana homes. Often in cases of divorce or separation, pets become one of the points of contention and may spark the question -- who gets custody? Legally pets are considered as property, like all other possessions.

Shared emotions may ease the trauma of divorce

When marriages end, it is only natural for those involved to be emotional. Even the most amicable divorce can be a challenge to navigate. However, there are ways in which individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere can ease the trauma typically associated with divorce. The most difficult of all might be the advice to leave emotions at the door when engaging in divorce negotiations.

Financial preparedness essential before filing for divorce

Making a decision to end a marriage may be difficult, but many more decisions will follow before it is all over. When thinking of divorce, the first things many Louisiana people may consider are child custody and property division, but there are many more things with which to deal. As soon as the intention to file for divorce is announced to family and friends, be assured that there will be no shortage of advice -- often from complete strangers. However, no two marriages or divorces are the same, and what worked for others were likely unique to their circumstances.

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