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Fighting Allegations Of Internet Crimes

Due to the rise in and availability of technology, more and more sex crimes are being committed using the Internet. Since the Internet is always changing, the laws that govern Internet crimes are also changing. However, the laws are often behind the Internet changes, resulting in confusion and potential criminal charges.

Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., is a firm that confidently handles all types of Internet crimes, including Internet sex crimes. The attorneys stay current on any changing case law that pertains to Internet sex crimes and applies that to their clients’ cases whenever necessary.

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Online Solicitation Of A Minor

One type of Internet sex crime that has been on the rise is called online solicitation of a child or minor. Since it can be very difficult to ascertain someone’s real age when communicating with him or her online, many individuals who are facing online solicitation charges believe that they had been talking to someone of legal age. However, if the person turns out to be a minor, serious charges may be filed.

Whether you are accused of online solicitation through an Internet chat room or a social media site, a criminal defense attorney can stand up for your rights.

In addition to Internet sex crimes, the firm can also assist clients in other types of Internet crimes, such as Internet fraud.

Involving Computer Experts

Online child porn issues and other Internet crime cases involve complicated technological details. For this reason, it is essential that your lawyer seek out the expertise of forensic computer specialists. These experts can examine your computer as well as any records of transactions and usage in order to build your criminal defense.

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Do not attempt to handle Internet crimes, including Internet sex crimes, on your own. To consult with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, get in touch with Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., today. For a free initial consultation in Lake Charles, Louisiana, call 337-433-4405.