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Protecting Your Relationships With Your Children

One of the biggest concerns a parent has during the divorce process is wondering how child custody and child visitations rights will be determined. Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., realizes these issues must be handled delicately and resolved in the best interests of your child.

The Lake Charles child custody and visitation lawyers at Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., have more than 30 combined years of legal experience helping parents retain custody of their children. We work closely with your spouse’s (or former spouse’s) attorneys to negotiate an agreement that is in your and your child’s best interests. If necessary, however, the firm will be aggressive advocates in front of a judge and thoroughly prepare a case that illustrates why you should have custody or visitation rights.

Contact Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., online today or call 337-433-4405 to schedule your free initial consultation. One of the firm’s talented attorneys is standing by to discuss your situation and tell you how he or she can help you resolve your child custody or visitation dispute.

Child Custody And Visitation Proceedings In Louisiana

Louisiana Family Court will award custody or visitation rights so long as it is in the best interests of your child. Since 1984, our skilled attorneys have helped parents obtain custody rights by presenting convincing arguments on their behalf, or negotiating agreements that all parties feel are appropriate. Depending on the age of your child, his or her opinion might also be considered by the court.

The attorneys at Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., will listen carefully to your situation and discuss what information is looked at in custody and visitation hearings. These include:

  • Parent’s ability to provide food, shelter and care
  • Mental and physical health of the parties
  • Living arrangements of both parents
  • Moral fitness of both parents
  • Schooling and educational considerations
  • Other issues as necessary

Throughout this entire process, it is important for you to have an attorney you can trust and count on. The family law attorneys at Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., will be by your side and available to you throughout your entire divorce. They have built a long-standing reputation of success and have been trusted by individuals and their families for nearly 30 years.

Contact A Lawyer: Free Consultation

Sanchez Burke, L.L.C., knows how important your children are to you. The attorneys at the firm will work hard to ensure you and your children have a smooth transition and are ready for the next stage of your lives. Contact us online today to call 337-433-4405 to learn more about our services.