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When you face a serious legal problem, your future may depend on the legal representation you receive.

Walter M. Sanchez has worked in the field of criminal defense since 1984. He has earned a reputation as a strong advocate for his clients’ rights in criminal defense, family law and professional discipline cases. The attorneys of the Sanchez Law Firm, LLC work vigorously to achieve a positive outcome in every case they handle.

Providing Strong And Forthright Representation

The attorneys of the Sanchez Law Firm, LLC will carefully review all aspects of your case, seeking out additional evidence when necessary. They will explain the legal issues in your case and discuss your legal options. You will have a realistic understanding of your situation and what you can expect from the legal process. Once you have decided how you want to proceed, The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC will proceed energetically to achieve your goals.

You can trust The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC to represent you with skill and determination.

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The Sanchez Law Firm, LLC is located at 1200 Ryan Street.

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