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What is the purpose of Louisiana registry for sex offenders?

Because the state legislature realizes that repeat offenses are significant possibilities with those who have been convicted of sex crimes or as child predators, the Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry has been developed to protect individuals through the availability of public information. Without effective information about known offenders, the efforts of law officers to investigate allegations and protect their communities can be hindered. When public safety is an issue, the registry can be important in locating and questioning possible perpetrators of crimes.

21 registered sex offenders charged for using social media

The Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations reportedly took 21 registered sex offenders into custody in Calcasieu Parish on accusation of improperly creating social networking profiles. According to the report, the authorities investigated the Internet activities of those who had registered as sex offenders for certain offenses involving minors to see if they were following rules involving social networking sites.

Cop faces sex crime charges in Louisiana

Police officers usually have the best interests of the public in mind when upholding the law. They are also usually law-abiding citizens in their personal lives as well. However, police officers are also human and are therefore prone to mistakes and imperfections. This may have been the case for one police officer in Louisiana who is now facing sex crime charges.

Louisiana man charged with over 500 sex crimes, plea deal reached

A Louisiana man who once resided in Pineville was charged with over 500 counts of sex crimes in 2013. As part of a plea agreement, he entered a guilty plea to 12 of those specific sex crimes. As a result of his guilty plea and the terms of his plea bargain, he will now spend a significant amount of time in jail. He was officially sentenced to nine 35 year terms and three 20 year terms in prison and could be eligible to be paroled at age 72.

44-year-old Louisiana man accused of juvenile sex crimes

A Louisiana man has been arrested on multiple charges of committing sex crimes. The man has been accused of committing those sex crimes against minors. Allegedly, he participated in the production of child pornography, solicited minors through the internet and committed indecent behavior with juveniles.

31-year-old Louisiana man accused of sex crimes

A Louisiana man, aged 31, has been arrested on allegations that he sexually assaulted a girl, aged 16. According to the arrest reports, the man allegedly gave the girl alcohol and possibly another substance before committing the sex crimes. According to the teen, she lost consciousness before she was assaulted due to the alcohol and other substances she ingested. She claims to have been assaulted on more than one occasion at the accused man's home and after he had allegedly taken her to New Orleans.

Former NFL football player wanted in Louisiana for sex crimes

Louisiana residents who are accused of crimes in another state could be extradited to that state to face the charges. Similarly, if a person is pulled over for a minor traffic offense in another state, and police discover that he or she is wanted for sex crimes in Louisiana, then the individual may be extradited back to Louisiana. This is precisely what could happen to a former NFL player who is facing rape accusations in two states.

Louisiana man arrested on multiple sex crimes charges

A Louisiana man was recently arrested on sex crimes allegations. The sex crimes charges came in the wake of him being suspected of aggravated incest, juvenile molestation and production of child pornography. A search warrant was first executed by investigators in Nov. 2012, allowing them to search the man's home.

Louisiana man accused of sex crimes involving child pornography

Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office deputies in coordination with the Louisiana Attorney General's Office Task Force Unit recently apprehended a man on child pornography charges. The 24-year-old accused man is accused downloading, sharing and searching for child pornography on the Internet. Not only that, but the man is already registered as a sex crimes offender.

Man faces sex crime charges related to rape, porn in Louisiana

If an individual is charged with a sex crime, a range of emotions may flood the individual and the community. Local residents may feel violated and enraged, wanting the accused person to be brought to justice. Meanwhile, the accused person may feel anxious about the outcome of the case and seek to legally defend his or her rights. In the situation of sex crime charges, the state of Louisiana carries the burden to prove that the individual truly did engage in the illegal acts that resulted in the charges.

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