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Should women be charged with a crime when newborns die?

A controversial piece of proposed legislation has raised a great deal of debate in Louisiana about the proper course of action when a fetus is killed or injured when a pregnant woman uses drugs. The sponsor of the bill, Gerald Long, pulled the proposed legislation, acknowledging that there were problems with the bill that should be addressed before the matter moves forward. Should the bill come back into play in future legislative sessions, women who abuse drugs while pregnant could be charged with a crime.

Guard charged with a crime after prisoner escapes

Louisiana residents have likely heard news coverage of the escape of a prisoner who is believed to be a danger to anyone with whom he comes in contact. The case has a number of unusual aspects, not the least of which is the assertion that one of the guards tasked with containing the prisoner acted to help him escape. The case has left that guard charged with a crime in connection to the escape.

Man charged with a crime, facing extradition

Louisiana readers have likely heard or seen media coverage of the high-profile arrest of a man accused of multiple murders as well as two lesser charges. The 71-year old man is currently being held in the Orleans Parish prison, awaiting an extradition hearing. In many cases in which an individual is charged with a crime, multiple jurisdictions are involved and the criminal defense strategy becomes more complex.

2 men charged with a crime against nature

Many readers are aware that there are a range of outdated and unusual laws on the books in Louisiana and many other states. From time to time a legal matter that highlights these laws is brought to the attention of the public. One such event recently took place after two men were arrested and charged with a crime against nature.

Louisiana man detained following parking lot robbery

A 19-year-old Louisiana man is in custody following an alleged armed robbery on Nov. 28 after being identified in a photo lineup. Police say the incident happened around 2 a.m. in an apartment parking lot. The man is one of two believed to have been involved.

Did discipline lead this man to be charged with a crime?

Louisiana readers may be aware of a recent case in which a man has been accused of abusing two teenage girls in Okaloosa Island. The case has led to widespread media coverage of the incident, including photos of the man who was arrested. As he prepares to respond to the charges against him, the story has some debating whether their own discipline measures could possibly lead them to be charged with a crime.

Louisiana detective charged with a crime, later dismissed

Recently, a local detective was arrested for attempted murder. In addition, he was also accused of committing an act of domestic violence that may have occurred between himself and an ex. After being charged with a crime, the Louisiana officer was taken off of his regular assignments and temporarily placed on desk duty.

Oil executive may require more criminal defense in court

Authorities have certain rights when investigating potential crimes. The law is designed to ensure that investigating authorities have access to accurate information. Those who intentionally mislead investigators can face serious legal consequences and can be charged with a crime. The former executive of an oil company could be forced to continue his criminal defense efforts if he is charged with obstruction of a federal investigation in Louisiana.

Teacher charged with a crime for slapping disabled student

This case involves the question of what degree of physical force a teacher can exercise over a disabled child with cerebral palsy. A 50-year-old female elementary school teacher in Baton Rouge was arrested and charged with a crime under Louisiana law involving battery with respect to the infirm. This happened after a video taken with a cellphone surfaced that depicted her slapping the wheelchair-bound child. Her criminal defense attorney claims that the act is being taken out of context and that his client did nothing wrong.

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