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Louisiana man accused of serious sex crimes

When a child is harmed, law enforcement and the court system takes the matter very seriously, and rightfully so. Children must be protected, and no one would argue that there should not be repercussions for those in Louisiana who would act to harm a child. However, it is important for readers to understand that not every accusation of wrongdoing leads to a conviction, and that many individuals who are accused of sex crimes against minors are ultimately found not guilty.

Former NFL player to plead guilty in sex crimes case

Louisiana sports fans may recall the career of Darren Sharper, who was a former safety for the Saints. Sharper, now 39 years of age, is making current headlines over multiple sex crimes charges, some of which originate in Louisiana. He is expected to plead guilty to some of those charges in a plea arrangement. The matter is complicated due to the fact that the charges against Sharper include four different states, as well as drug distribution charges at the federal level.

Former office manager faces fraud charges in Louisiana

When a company hires an office manager, one of the main characteristics for which management looks is integrity. After all, when a person is responsible for a company's payroll, he or she needs to be honest. A current lawsuit in the 24th Judicial District Court in Louisiana involves a financial group that has accused a former office manager of being anything but honest. In fact, she is now charged with fraud.

Another charged with securities fraud in Shaw Group sale

Louisiana investors might have heard about an ongoing federal investigation of securities fraud based on insider trading involving the sale of The Shaw Group in 2012. Federal prosecutors have filed a federal securities fraud charge against a 10th man, the brother-in-law of a vice president at the company. He also faces a charge of securities fraud conspiracy.

Providing defense representation for sex crime charges

Many Louisiana residents fear the repercussions that could follow a rape or sexual assault allegation against them. If you are facing allegations or are under investigation for a sex crime, you may expect to be sentenced to prison or to face other penalties that could damage your reputation, your career and your family life.

What is the purpose of Louisiana registry for sex offenders?

Because the state legislature realizes that repeat offenses are significant possibilities with those who have been convicted of sex crimes or as child predators, the Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry has been developed to protect individuals through the availability of public information. Without effective information about known offenders, the efforts of law officers to investigate allegations and protect their communities can be hindered. When public safety is an issue, the registry can be important in locating and questioning possible perpetrators of crimes.

Louisiana psychiatrist convicted on Medicare fraud charges

A 56-year-old Baton Rouge psychiatrist was convicted of Medicare fraud Aug. 25 and will be spending seven years in prison. He has also been ordered to pay $43.5 million in restitution and forfeit all proceeds that were generated as a result of his fraudulent scheme that totaled more than $258 million. According to a Department of Justice news release, the psychiatrist had been admitting mentally ill patients for inappropriate programs, after which he would re-certify their appropriateness, allowing him to continue billing Medicare.

Cop faces sex crime charges in Louisiana

Police officers usually have the best interests of the public in mind when upholding the law. They are also usually law-abiding citizens in their personal lives as well. However, police officers are also human and are therefore prone to mistakes and imperfections. This may have been the case for one police officer in Louisiana who is now facing sex crime charges.

Louisiana man accused of sex crimes involving child pornography

Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office deputies in coordination with the Louisiana Attorney General's Office Task Force Unit recently apprehended a man on child pornography charges. The 24-year-old accused man is accused downloading, sharing and searching for child pornography on the Internet. Not only that, but the man is already registered as a sex crimes offender.

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