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Man gets drug possession charge after stop for fog lights

The reported case is yet another example of a traffic stop for tail lights or other accessories that turns into a drug bust. Here, the University of Louisiana at Monroe police stopped a 34-year-old man from Monroe because, according to police, he was driving with his fog lights on. During the traffic stop, police also noticed that a taillight was out, and that the man had no driver's license and no insurance. They also ended up arresting him on a drug possession charge.

Conviction on drug charges can be for selling real or fake drugs

It's a curious thing that the drug laws penalize a person not only for selling unlawful drugs, but also for selling what is supposed to be a drug but is in actuality a harmless inert powder. A Louisiana woman was recently arrested on so-called drug charges of 'false representation' of methamphetamine. The 35-year-old female sold a substance to undercover agents claiming it was methamphetamine, according to Louisiana State Police.

Traffic stop yields arrests for felony drug charges

Traffic stops are a significant source of arrests for drug offenses. Some advocates accuse authorities of making traffic stops solely to obtain drug arrests. When a traffic stop is made in Louisiana, there must first be reasonable factual grounds for making the stop. Without reasonable grounds to stop the vehicle in the first place, the resulting drug charges will likely be dismissed when they get to court.

2 Louisiana men face drug charges after license checkpoint

A recent incident at a license checkpoint may serve as an example of why cooperating with police is more beneficial than attempting to evade them, even if there is a reason. A traffic stop at a checkpoint at the intersection of North 11th Street and Forest Lane in Hammond has resulted in unrelated charges for two Louisiana men, one of which is still on the run. Both men are facing drug charges and charges of resisting arrest following the attempted absconding.

Lake Charles: 2 residents facing drug charges in meth discovery

Authorities in Lake Charles have arrested two people in connection to a meth lab. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office reported that the arrests were made following officers being dispatched to a residence where a suspicious odor was detected. The two individuals in the home, purportedly the residents, were taken into custody and have since been charged with serious drug charges.

Louisiana State University football star facing drug charges

One of Louisiana's star athletes who was already dismissed from playing football for the LSU team is now facing criminal charges. The drug charges now pending Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu come just months after he was a finalist for the coveted Heisman Trophy. In addition, Mathieu was on the fast track to football success and was named one of the best five players last year.

Louisiana man faces drug possession charge after arrest

A series of community tips led police in one Louisiana town to a local home recently. Because of the community reports, which included a written letter and phone calls, authorities suspected that drug activity was being conducted in the vicinity of the home. One man at the residence was arrested on a drug possession charge, and others, after authorities conducted a search of the residence.

Utilize your right to remain silent: Louisiana men face drug charges

As Louisiana residents prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Isaac, two men were arrested by local police. Officers say that the pair was driving down a roadway near businesses that had closed early in anticipation of the storm. Police stopped the vehicle, which resulted in both men being arrested and charged with crimes that included a drug possession charge.

Teacher faces drug possession charge in Louisiana

A high school teacher was stopped along a Louisiana roadway recently and accused of having drugs in her possession. While conducting the stop, police later reported, they discovered that the teacher's car contained 53 pounds of marijuana. The discovery led to the arrest of the teacher on a drug possession charge. She hopes to be released on bond soon, according to one person who was interviewed by reporters at the teacher's home.

Louisiana drug charges: man accused after restaurant lot tip

A local Louisiana restaurant in Eunice was the scene of a drug arrest in late June. An 18-year-old stands accused of multiple drug charges that include possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was booked on the drug charges at the Eunice Police Department.

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